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The lyrics from the song  April Showers

music written by Louis Silvers and lyrics by B. G. De Sylva, 1921

have become popularised as comment on the Spring season:

“Though April showers
May come your way,
They bring the flowers
That bloom in May”

So, as the lyrics from the song April Showers

further explains-

“And if it’s raining,
Have no regrets”

simply welcome Spring showers as a dress opportunity

to sport fun,  colourful, playful outwear-

symbolic of Spring’s uplifting ‘feel good’ influence.

Favlook – Lookfav Focus

Spring Sprinkle Cover

cropped, yellow, plastic, see-through jacket

with winged sleeves and pointed scalloped hem

(image from popsugar.com):

plastic, yellow, cropped rain coat