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As the last of the winter winds blow through,

there remains still a chilly nip in the air.

Yet nature’s Spring colours bloom defiant,

heralding warmer weather to come.


Purple croci, yellow daffodils and pink-cherry blossoms

are gradually more in evidence:

the vibrant signs of approaching Spring.


Spring colours in full bloom

(image from crocus.co.uk):

spring colours, purple croci,

Purple croci

(image from the guardian.com):

spring colours, yellow daffodils

Yellow daffodils

(image from the tokyotimes.com):

spring colours, cherry blossom pink

Cherry blossom pink



Say good-bye to Winter shades.

Take a cue from Nature and

welcome Spring hues.

Why not consider a cheery change of hair colour:

cherry blossom pink.


Now that should warm you up.


Make it a Spring Thing

 Cherry blossom pink, Hair colour statement



(images from style.com):

cherry blossom pink hair, runway, louis vuittoncherry blossom pink hair, louis-vuitton-fall-2015

On the runway

model, Fernanda Hin Lin Ly

(Louis Vuitton, a/w 2015)

cherry blossom pink hair

model, Marjan Jonkman

cherry blossom pink hair, gucci model, marjan jonkman style, a15GUC_0487

Marjan Junkman

on the runway for Gucci collection, a ’15

(image from express.co.uk):

cherry blossom hair, helen-mirren, express.co.uk -384552

Pink pixie cut

British actress, Dame Helen Mirren

(image from menshairstyle.com):

cherry blossom pink hair, men

Colour equation

pink + blue = hair + eyes



(image from the dailymail.co.uk):


cherry blossom pink hair, actress, january jones

A subtle nod:  pale pink

American actress, January Jones

(image from style.com):

cherry blossom pink hair

With a blush of lavender