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With over thirty years of design experience ‘under his hat’

Japanese menswear designer

Takeo Kikuchi

expertly creates clothing for the man of

fashion daring, wit and whimsy.


(image from ajw.asahi.com):

takeo kikuchi, designer, portrait

designer, Takeo Kikuchi

Mr. Kikuchi’s  a/w 2015 collection

recently presented at Mercedes Benz Tokyo Fashion Week-

was a study in fanciful suiting

topped off with statement , story-telling headwear.

 ‘Over the top’ Hat narrative

by designer Takeo Kikuchi

for Tokyo Fashion Week, a/w  2015

(images from tokyo-mbfashionweek.com):

takeo kikuchi, a15, menswear, ten gallon hat

Broad-brimmed ten gallon Stetson

takeo kukichi, a15, men, hats, cool cowboy

Cool cowboy

takeo kikuchi, a15, men,hat, artful dodger

takeo kikuchi, a15, hat, men, artful dodger

Dickensian character

  meet the Artful Dodger

takeo kikuchi, a15, men hats

tokyo, a15, men, hats, runway takeo kikuchi, degaulle _00400_x

Marching off to the beat of a different drummer

military kepi

oversized peak, gold chain detail

takeo kikuchi, a15, men, hats

Summer tour on the Continent

the sunhat

takeo kikuchi, a15, men, hats, gangster stripes

Gangster stripes

takeo kikuchi, a15, men, hats, puff peak cap

At the masquerade

puff peak cap

takeo kikuchi, a15, men, hats, german helmet

tokyo, a15, men, runway, takeo kikuchi, hitler helmet _00070_x

German stahlhelm take, WW2

takeo kikuchi, a15, men, hats, beret


Mais oui:  the artist, the beret

tokyo, a 15, mens hat, runway takeo kikuchi, toy=kyo=mbfashionweek.com _00370_x

In black leather

wedding party pageboy