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So much is so right

with Pablo Coppola’s  autumn 2015 collection for Bally.

Since his arrival to Bally just one year ago,

the designer has reinvigorated the 150 year old label.



(image from fashiontimes.it):

pablo coppola, designer, Bally

designer, Pablo Coppola



Key to the beauty of the collection is its

vibrancy of colour: olive greens, passion purples

and variety of fabrication:  leather and faux fur.

The impeccable styling, an embrace to Italian sprezzatura,

clinched the looks as sartorial stand-outs.


From Bally

by designer Pablo Coppola

Luxe Leather Looks


bally a15, olive green, leather, alligator pattern

olive green, alligator pattern, wide leg trousers

bally, a15, leather, black, mini coat

black, double breast, mini coat

bally, a15, leather, purple, trousers

purple trousers

bally, a15, leather, b/w with gold detail, purse/shoes

b/w purse with gold chain strap


pumps with gold tip



bally, a15, leather, green, overcoat

shamrock green trench with contrasting black lapel

Fun Fur Fine Points

bally, a15, faur fur fun, sleeveless coat

sleeveless coat with faux fur details to collar and from waist to hem

bally, a15, trouser suit, olive, fur lapel

olive green trouser suit with faux fur to lapel and sleeve

bally, a15, faux fur, lilac, corset

 lilac faux fur corset-  belted

bally, a 15, olive green faux fur, neck wear


bally, a14, fur, short jacket

collarless short jacket with shortened sleeves