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Having offered yet another stellar collection at runway

for Milan Fashion Week (MFW), a/w  ’15

designer, Stella Jean

continues as a raising star in the fashion cosmos.

For the past few seasons, I anticipate her runway presentations

and once again it is worth the wait.

(image from livemaster.ru):

stella jean portrait

designer, Stella Jean

From her debut collection (September 2012 at Milan Fashion Week)

to the present-

her design aesthetics remains true to a loving embrace of

her Caribbean and European heritage.

Of Haitian (her mother) and Italian (her father) parentage,

Ms. Jean marries sartorial qualities from this varied familial exposure:

vibrant colours/prints with tailoring craftsmanship.

Her talents were immediately noticed and championed by

legendary designer Giorgio Armani.

For Milan Fashion Week,  s/s  ’14

Mr. Armani honoured the new designer by selecting her

to present at Teatro Armani, his 550 seat show space.

This was certainly sign of high praise indeed.

Ms. Jean’s creations are mirror to her own multi-cultural reflection.

Hers is a welcomed interpretation of fashion as global perspective:

“I want to communicate through clothes a concept of opposite worlds and traditions fusing together in a sophisticated way and standing side by side with equal importance, not covering the other up.”  (quote from vogue.co.uk)

For her a/w ’15 collection

Ms. Jean adds hints of  Himalayan dress

into the cultural aesthetic mix with fabrication and tassel adornments.

Her design attitude is celebratory, joyous, vivid, uplifting.

Melting pot of fashion, design ingredients

a melding of cultural dress references

a masculine / feminine mix of design attitude

a wink at various fashion eras:

’60s flower power vibe,  ’50s in full-swing ‘poodle skirt’, ‘

’90s grudge Seattle wear

an explosion of colour and mixed fabrication

an exciting collection with a definite wow factor

Stella Jean

a/w 2015

The Collection

(images from style.com):

stella jean, a15, himalyas 60s vibestella jean, a15, himalayas, 60s vibe

From the Himalayas with a ’60s vibe

Favlook – Lookfav Focus Favourite

stella jean, 'a15, 50s full skirtstella jean, 50s full skirt

’50s full-swing ‘poodle skirt’ inspiration with wooly jumper

vibrant colours / patterns (signature Stella Jean!)

Cue the calf-high socks with peep toe heel shoes (t)

and with slip-on trainers (b)

stella jean, a15, seattle grunge

stella jean, 15, grunge take

A take on plaid – Seattle grunge wear

accessorised with textile necklace (t)

double-breast orange wool coat with fur collar detail (b)

stella jean, long length pencil skirt

Plaid it is

tailored, long length pencil with decorative detail at hem

stella jean, print/pattern mix, skirt/top

Print/Pattern Mix (PPM)

mfw, a15, oversized trousers,_A2X0005 stella jean, a15, plaid oversized trousers, skirt overlay, tassel

Trouser fashion:  oversizing

with gathered top waist and knitted tasseled skirt overlay (b)