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Great product design is the combination of

creativity and ingenuity,

resulting in an item made for beauty and practical use.

Lighting fixtures are of particular significance:

of essential purpose and integral to desired ambient features.

Tom Raffield, Magda Jurek and the design family of Lamparadi Gibas

are three lighting ‘illuminati’-

creating pieces of aesthetic appeal.


Illuminati:  innovative lighting designers



British lighting designer Tom Raffield creates contemporary

lighting made from various wood types:

oak and ash (lighter hues) ; walnut (darker colour).

He uses a traditional method of steam bending

to produce intricate 3-D pieces.

(image from achica.com):

tom raffield, lighting designer, portrait

Lighting designer, Tom Raffield

From the workshop of Tom Raffield

(images from monoqi.co.uk):

lighting, tom raffield, ceiling, steam wood

Tom Raffield, lighting, monoqi.co.uk base.jpg_25965

tom raffield, ceiling fixtures

(images from tomraffield.com):

tom raffield, lighting, chandelier


(images from monoqi.co.uk):

tom raffield, floor lamp, tomraffield.com butterfly-oak-floor-whole-offw506x506 tom raffield, floor lamp scribble-floor-ash-onw506x506  tom raffield, floor lamp

Fanciful Design

The Loop Line is the lighting inventive of

Polish artist and designer,  Magda Jurek.

(images from panijurek.pl):

artist/designer magda jurek, portrait

Artist and designer, Magda Jurek

The lamp is attached to a length of rope measuring 7 metres.

The rope, which comes in yellow or black,

can be secured either to the ceiling or to the wall

and the ‘lamp on a rope’,

moved from room to room if desired.

Ms. Jurek, certainly brings a bit of whimsy to her design.

From the workshop of  Magda Jurek

lighting, loop line, magda jurek, panijurek.pl 25

lighting, magda jurek, loop line, black or yellow rope

A Family Affair:  Lampadari Gibas

Started in 1959, Lampadari Gibas-

a family run, Italian lighting company manufactures

modern lighting pieces with age-old artisanal attention.

Made from steel these fixtures are

minimal, structural, metallic.

 Fabbrica Lampadari Gibas

(images from monoqi.co.uk):

lighting, Gibas, metalliclighting, Gibaslighting, Gibaslighting, Gibas