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Old Pieces of Paper



What do they have in common:

old photographs, maps, stamps, charts, postcards,

newspaper clippings, magazine pages, sheet music-

all acquired from second hand shops and antique fairs ?


They all are types of vintage paper,

which are rich material source for the art pieces

created by famed British collagist-

Peter Clark.


(image from rhgallery.co.uk):

peter clark, collagist

Collage artist, Peter Clark

Greatly admired by fashion designer, Sir Paul Smith-

Mr. Clark creates three dimensional, sculptural works of

fun, colour and whimsy.

Known for his imaginative dog collages,

Mr. Clark also constructs fanciful fashion paper pieces.

(image from smeagoldandnash.com):

peter clark, cavalier spaniel

King Charles Cavalier Spaniel

paper collage by Peter Clark

(image from mymodernmet.com):

Peter Clark, dachsund


paper collage by Peter Clark

(image from peterclarkcollage.com):

peter clark, biker jacket

Biker jacket

paper collage by Peter Clark

The Paper Trail


A twentieth century artistic expression,

the collage movement started in 1912.

It was an art innovation of Cubists Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque.

Collage art began as a reaction against the established salon art.

It was a modern interpretive of identifiable objects,

constructed from bits and pieces of paper-types  and card.

Paper, String, Card

(image from uchicago.edu):

picasso, still life with chair caning, 1912

Still Life With Chair Caning ,  1912

by Pablo Picasso

(image from moma.org):

picasso, guitar collage, 1913

Guitar Collage ,  1913

by Pablo Picasso

(image from utoronto.ca):

braque, still life on a table, 1914

Still Life On A Chair ,  1914

by Georges Braque

(image from christies.com):

braque, collage, intstruments, music, 1918

Bouteille et Instruments de Musique , 1918

(Bottle and Musical Instruments)

by Georges Braque

A form of abstract art:

subject as representational rather than realistic-

collage pieces are composed from

cardboard, paper, newspaper clippings, magazine leaves

and other forms of ephemera.

In using  paper with text, such as newspaper, magazines, postcards-

there is an added element of communication and connectivity

between artist and viewer.

Collage art can then be of visual interest and on close examination-

an informative of historical and/or current news..


The works by Patrick Clark are executed in the tradition of collage art.

Like the masters before him:  Picasso and Braque-

Mr. Clark also uses newspaper cutouts, card and paper.

In addition, he constructs with colourful and textural  papers:

postage stamps, maps, sheet music, postcards –

which adds vibrancy and depth to creating readily recognisable images.


 Paper Fashion

by collagist, Peter Clark

(image from social register.co.uk):

peter clark, love graphic line dress

“Love Graphic Line Dress”

(image from trendland.com):

peter clark, jacket, men

Map / grid jacket

(image from rebeccahossack.com):

peter clark, coat with many spots

“Coat of Many Spots”

peter clark, stripes R A Must

“Stripes R A Must”

peter clark, saks dress

“Saks Dress”

(image from popglass.com):

peter clark, tutu dress

Tu Tu dress

(image from bathbusiness.net):

peter clark, white collar worker, trousers, jacket, shirt, tie

“White Collar Worker”

(image from rhgallery.co.uk):

peter clark, cowboy boots,

Cowboy boots with spurs

For further information on Peter Clark and his collage art series, visit: