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It’s the midst of New York Fashion Week (NYFW),  a /w 2015

with scheduled shows from 12 February to 19 February.


The weather in NYC may be bitterly cold,

but the designer presentations are heating up

the fashion runways.



A few of my runway run-away favourites :



NYFW,  a/w  2015

Runway Highlights



(images from style.com)


from Nicholas K

by sibling designer duo Nicholas and Christopher Kunz 

City – chica sophisticate

nicholas K, a15

nicholas K, a 15


from ICB

by Makoto Takada

From top to bottom:

“sweater-scarf”  (tied and loose)

single sleeve crop sweater

“planket” (poncho/blanket fusion)

ICB, a15

NYFW, a15, icb, sweater scraf-007-1366

icb, a15, knits NYFW, a15, icb, planket-016-1366

From Richard Chai Love

by Richard Chai

Urban-sass,  layered proportions

richard chai-love, a 15richard chai-love, a 15richard chai-love, a15

by Marissa Webb

Hard / Soft

masculine / feminine influences

marissa webb, a15, andro-chic

marissa webb, a 15

from Costello Tagliapietra

by husband and husband design duo

Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra

Tailored for success

fluid, masculine lines

costello taliapietra, a 15costello tagliapietra, a15



by Tanya Taylor


graphic impact

tanya taylor, a15tanya taylor, a15

by Sally Lapointe

Minimal, classic intent

sally lapointe, aw 15

sally lapointe, aw 15

from A Détacher

by Mona Kowalska

Knitwear of new perspectives

a Detacher, a 15A Detacher, a15

from Isa Arfen

by Serafina Sama

Mixed fabrication

knits, leather, silk, corduroy

isa arfen, a15isa arfen, a15, mixed fabricisa arfen, a 15

from Public School

by Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne

 sheer, black shirt dress

“duvet” outerwear:  hooded with large front pockets

public school, a15public school, a15, duvet outwear

from Suno

by Erin Beatty and Max Osterweis

Stripes.  Colour.  Action.

suno, a15, stripes, multi-colour

Suno, a15, horizontal stripes