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The Fashion and Textile Museum, London

presents an exciting exhibition showcasing the work of

British designer, Thea Porter (nèe Dorothea Noelle Naomi Seale).


(image from pinterest.com):

thea porter, portrait

designer, Thea Porter ( 1927 – 2000)


Her clothing epitomised the free-spirit mood of the ’60s and ’70s.

At the forefront of hippie chic fashion-

her designs attracted a celebrity following who flocked to her

showroom in Soho, London.


(image from sighswhispers):

joan collins in a thea porter dress

The actress Joan Collins, photographed in a Thea Porter creeation


Her design aesthetics was influenced by her upbringing in Damascus, Syria

and years spent living in the Middle East and Europe;

it mirrored a global perspective, which was integral to ’70s fashion.

(images from vogue.co.uk):

thea porter, 1970thea porter 1970

A burst of romantic, whimsical, colourful design (1970)

thea porter, drawing

Drawing and fabric choices

thea porter, gypsy dress

Gypsy dress

(image from vam.ac.uk):

Thea Porter, maxi dress, 1970

Mixed fabrication (1970)

(images from liveauctioneers.com):

thea porter, red/pink kaftan

Red / pink kaftan

thea porter, patchwork tunic

Patchwork tunic  (early 1970s)

(image from fid.museum.org):

thea porter dress, 70 -72

Midi dress  (1970 – 1972)

Today, acknowledgment and appreciation of her designs are

enthusiastically fueled by a revival of ’70s -inspired designs.

THEA PORTER 70s Bohemian Chic

at the Fashion and Textile Museum, London

until 3 May 2015


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