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On the air for thirty five years,

Soul Train

was an American music and dance television programme

which spotlighted Black-American music talents.

It was created by trailblazing producer, Don Cornelius.

From the show’s inception in 1971,

the Soul Train Line

 was probably the most popular segment of the hour-long programme-

dancers executed the latest moves in the latest fashion.

It was a ’70s music and fashion parade.


(image from pixgood.com):

soul train line, colour image

The Soul Train line consisted of two rows of dancers:

guys on one side, gals on the other and a space between.

In couples, they progressed in consecutive order-

performing their best steps to the best tunes

on the airwaves.

Flashback to the ’70s

music sounds and fashion images

that rolled in on the ‘Soul Train’

The ‘hippest trip in town!’


Soul Train Line, 1974

to the sounds of

The King of Soul, James Brown:  ‘Cold Blooded’

Soul Train Line, 1975

to the sounds of

Rufus ft. Chaka Khan:  ‘Once You Get Started’