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Original pieces designed for interior living spaces

offer elements of innovation, artistic perspectives and functionality.

These unique items inject doses of novelty,

which further define and enhance a given space.



John Nouanesing and Florent Degourc

are two French product and furniture designers

each with a clear creative vision, which features:

minimalist style, natural form/flow, and buckets of whimsy.



From the workshop of John Nouanesing


(images from johnnouanesing.fr):


product designer, John Nouanesing

Product/furniture designer, John Nouanesing



Magena Lune Montante (2013)

reminiscent of a toddler playtime toy


Hello & Goodbye (2008)

quirky reference to lifting floorboards


(image from lejsl.com):

florent degourc, portrait

Product/furniture designer,  Florent Degourc

(images from florentdegourc.com):

Smooth and Smoothie (2010)

melting matter motif

florent degourc, smooth and smoothie table bench, drip paint

Mint green and cherry blossom pink table and bench set

L01 – L02 (2012)

florent degorc white table lamps

Stark, clinical white

metallic table lamps with wood centre

Groove (2009)

of centipedean aspect

florent degourc, grove table, 2009 tablebassemikado_web

 Metal table coated in lime green lacquer with multi-base legs


Stic (2011)

florent degourc, stic, hanging light fixture, single candle

Hanging light fixture

single white ‘candlestick’ on the horizontal with blue electric cord

Verone  (2009)


florent degourc, verone, 2 connected tables

Coffee table unit wood, white surfaces at perpendicular angle

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