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London Collections:  Men (LCM)

showcases the best of British menswear designs

from established and emerging talent.

For Fall 2015, the rich pool of fashion creatives

of avant garde and commercial labels did not disappoint.

Gents, consider a few Favlook – Lookfav Focus favourites

for dress and style inspiration.

London Collections:  Men

Fall 2015

(images from style.com):

by designer, Shaun Samson

(Welcome back to LCM after a two season hiatus!)

Fall 2015, shaun samson, plaid jacket, apron shirt

A lot going on!

plaid jacket, apron print shirt

faux fur accessories: scarf and gauntlet gloves

by the triumvirate from


fall 2015, sibling,  good and plenty colour scheme

‘Choo-Choo Charlie’

Good and Plenty candy (pink / black) colour story

by designer, James Long

fall 2015, men, James Long, bomber jacket, sporty

Bombs Away

bomber jacket with shearling lined hood and large front pockets detail

fall 2015, men, james long, belted jacket, long scarf styling


belted scarf (also as head-cover), loose fit ‘velour’, textural trousers


by designer, Christopher Shannon

fall 2015, men, christopher shannon, waist-cinched puffer

Modern Michelin Man

corsetted waist, puffer jacket

fall 2015, christopher shannon, unseamed trousers

Show a bit of leg

oversized, clasp closure, loose-fit trousers

by designer, Lee Roach

fall 2015, men lee roach yellow jacket, silver trousers

1 – 2 – 3:  yellow, silver, black colour palette

jacket:  yellow, collarless, button-less (strap closure)

trousers:  silver coated jeans

tee shirt:  black with silver graphic details

by designer,  John Ray 

for Dunhill

fall, 2015, men, dunhill, plaid on plaid

Checks re-dressed

plaid – on – plaid  within the same colour scheme

from Topshop Design

fall 2015, men, topman design, yellow plaid suit, fuzzy overcoat

Fly guy!

bumble bee colour plaid suiting

 blue chambray / tiered, white fuzzy-wuzzy details

by designer, Katie Eary

prefall 2015, men, katie eary, anatomics, brain, sweatshirt

‘Anatomics’ rainbow

top:  orange sweatshirt with chalk-blue ‘brain’ motif

trainers:  grapefruit blood-red

fall 2015, men, katie eary, anatomics, sweatshirt, ribs

‘Anatomics’ rainbow

top:  black sweatshirt with pink ‘rib’ motif

trousers / trainers:  purple sheen and sparkle

by designer, Craig Green

fall 2015, men, craig green, flowy, wide leg trousers

Easy Breezy Movement

flowing black trousers

fall 2015 , men, craig green, pinestripe, straight jacket suit

Strait jacket suiting

military green, padded, pinstripe suit

vest:  strap closure

trousers:  wide-leg

by designer, Richard James

fall 2015, men, richard james. poncho

Andean persuasion

outerwear:  patterned poncho

fall 2015, men, richard james, blue texture suit

Soft to the touch

blue dyed shearling suit with orange scarf