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Hat fashion:

enhance a signature look

with a signature piece.

Men in hats:  out and about



(photo by Dappei):

men in hats, raiders


urban ‘Raider’ of the Lost Arc

(photo by Jonathan Daniel Pryce):

men in hats, pink Smokey the Bear

hot pink Smokey the Bear ranger headwear

(photos by Thousand.Yard.Style):

men in hats, orangello

‘Orangello’ fellow

men in hats, pakol


linen Afghan cap

The pakol cap is worn by men throughout Afghanistan

men in hats, pakol cap, knit

Wool pakol cap

(photo from nssmag.com):

men in hats, leather bucket hat

Leather bucket hat

(photo from pausemag.co.uk):

men in hats, black, rimmed

Perched atop

black, narrow-rimmed, wool hat

men in hats, black wide rim


simple statement

men in hats, grey beanie

Lettered grey beanie

men in hatas, baseball cap


baseball cap

(photos from Men in this Town):

men in hats, rolled beanie

Rolled wool beanie

men in  hats, '60s vibe

’60s vibe