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In 2015, the House of Lanvin will celebrate its 125th anniversary.

Established in 1890 by Mme. Jeanne-Marie Lanvin, the label

is now under the creative direction of designer, Alber Elbaz.


(image from en.vogue.fr):

alber elbaz, portrait with name

Alber Elbaz

Creative director, Lanvin

For the menswear collection, a/w 2014

M. Elbaz presented ensembles, which successfully

combined hints of signature Lanvin elegance

with an injection of genuine fashion fun.

Elements of the ‘Lanvin’ – look

Menswear,  a/w  2014

“Wowee, Kazawee” Robin side-wing slip-ons

(from the original ’60s Batman television show!)

(image from thehanalog):

'Robin shoes' from the original Batman '60s tv show

Robin, wearing Mercury-esque footwear

Statement tees

‘Look at me’  belts

Pink colour story

Stripes and zany patterns/prints


Modern suiting

Nearly-to-the- floor sweeping scarves

Varied carrier bags

Without doubt Mme. Lanvin,

herself a fashion forward thinker and business astute,

would be pleased with the

design direction undertaken by M. Elbaz.



(runway images from style.com):



Menswear,  a/w  2014



lanvin, men, a14 style _ON_0349.1366x2048


lanvin, men, a14 style_ON_0284.1366x2048

lanvin, men a14_ON_0416.1366x2048

 ‘Look at me’  belts

lanvin, men a14, style_ON_0199.1366x2048

lanvin, men, a14, style _ON_0341.1366x2048

Pink colour story


lanvin, men, a14 style _ON_0275.1366x2048 lanvin, men a14, style _ON_0253.1366x2048

Stripes and zany patterns/prints


lanvin, men a14, style _ON_0218.1366x2048  lanvin, men a14, style _ON_0168.1366x2048

Modern suiting


lanvin, men a14, style _ON_0149.1366x2048 lanvin, men a14, style _ON_0119.1366x2048 lanvin, men a14, style _ON_0096.1366x2048

Nearly-to-the- floor sweeping scarves


lanvin, men a14, style _ON_0081.1366x2048 lanvin, men a14 style_ON_0038.1366x2048

Varied carrier bags

lanvin, menswear, a14


lanvin, men a14 style_ON_0063.1366x2048