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The palm cuff is an innovative design piece,

which brings new attention to hand adornment.

Embrace it as a signature to add

new dimension to jewellery-wear.


Worn singularly or as part of a hand jewellery ensemble:

stacked bangles, watches, rings and things-

be palm cuff, jewellery-wear creative!


The palm cuff




(image from luckymag.com):


jewellery, palm cuff,

 Intricate pattern, copper hue

with stacked pinkie rings

(image from sweetcouch.com)

palm cuff, single gold bar

‘Fort Knox’

single gold bar

(image from unafashion.com):

palm cuff,

(image from gossef.com):

palm cuff, variety pack

Variety pack


palm cuff,  silver wrap

Silver wrap

(images from jenny-bird.com):

palm cuff, one among many

One among many

silver serpentwine

palm cuff, gold serpentwine

Stack ’em up!

gold serpentwine

palm cuff,

Mirror images

in silver and gold

(image from pinterest);

palm cuff, bird  wing interpretive, with watch time flies

Time flies

bird wing interpretive