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Meg Carroll is an American jewellery designer

who was raised on Long Island, New York

and now lives/works in Lexington, Kentucky.

Of late, she’s keen on two things:

eating Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)

and creating jewellery from the bone remains.

A bit creatively odd and of intrigue.


After consuming a fried chicken meal (wings preferred, courtesy of the Colonel),

the bones are thoroughly cleaned, painted, dipped in copper and gold

to create unique 14 karat gold plated pieces.

Only a limited number of KFC jewellery items were produced,

clearly a ‘special-meal-deal”.

jewellery, KFC bones, wishbone necklace, 14kt gold plated by Meg Carroll

Wishbone necklace


(image from whowhatwear.com):


jewellery, ear rings, KFC bone, designer Meg Carroll

‘KFC’ chicken bone ear ring