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Personalise a look with ‘they speak to me’ accessory pieces

and put your unique stamp on an ensemble.

Now have some fun with your fashion!



Favlook – Lookfav Focus:  accessories



(photos by the urbanspotter):


accessorize me, stacked varied bangles, big bird yellow clutchBags:  bright ‘orange zest’ carrier (l),  ‘Big Bird’ fluffy yellow clutch (r)

Jewellery:  statement ‘you’re a star’ ring (l),  stacked varied bangles (r)



accessorize me, white frame sunnies, box bag, gold bangles

Spectacles:  large, white framed sunnies

Jewellery:  ear-ring bling thing; stacked gold bracelets

Carrier:  small box bag with shoulder strap / gold hardware

Make -up:   a bright lippy colour!

(photo from Before Sunrise):

accessorise me, men, spectalces, rings and lots of things from before sunrise tumblr_nfemekAwb41sszpmyo1_1280

For the gents–   more is more,  is best!:

specs, hairstyles (head / facial), a scarf, a hat

rings and lots of things

(photo by Thousand Yrd. Style):

accessorise me, men, sunnies, scarf, gloves, flatform shoes, from thousandyardstylecom anonymous1091

Colour splash in turquoise green:

sunnies and flatform shoes

‘wait a sec’ hand attitude