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Music legend John Lennon,  1940 – 1980

wrote/performed songs whose melodies and lyrics

were beautiful, emotive-

embodying socio-political messages

which called for positive global change.


(image from the beatles.livejournal.com):

john lennon, steinway piano

At the piano

John Lennon

A member of the iconic ’60s Brit pop group, The Beatles,

John Lennon went on to have an incredible solo career.

Imagine was the best-selling single of his

post-Beatles musical life.

The lyrics are sentiment of a global community

at peace, in which differences are not divisive but accepted,

in which persons of varied backgrounds-

race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation (whatever)

can live in calm accord.  Just ‘imagine’!

(image from marioverehrer-com):

john lennon, imagine cover


album cover

John Lennon composed Imagine, “one morning in early 1971,

on a Steinway piano, in a bedroom

at his Tittenhurst Park estate in Ascot Berkshire, England.”

The lyrics are said to be based on poems written by his wife Yoko Ono,

from her 1964 anthology Grapefruit.


(image from billboard.com):

yoko ono and john lennon, portrait

Yoko Ono  and John Lennon

Imagine:  an astonishingly expressive piano ballad