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Peter Paul Rubens, 1577 -1640

was a Flemish painter of the Baroque era;

a period of artistic expression, in which paintings

were emotive, dramatic, passionate, sensual.

Rubens’ collective oeuvre is exemplar supreme

of the sentiment of Baroque style.


(image from britishmuseum.org):

Peter_Paul Rubens, portrait, britishmuseum AN00979448_001_l

Peter Paul Rubens

self portrait

Known for his voluptuous ‘Ruben-esque’ female nudes,

Rubens also created paintings of landscapes, portraiture

and religious/mythological themes.


(images from allartclassic.com):

Peter_Paul_Rubens venus at a mirror, 1615, allartclassic.com _RUP016

‘Venus at a Mirror’, 1615

a Ruben-esque female

Peter_Paul_Rubens, paysage avec philemon et baucis, 1625, allartclassic.com  _RUP040

‘Paysage avec Philemon et Baucis,’ 1625

intense, dynamic landscape

Peter_Paul_Rubens , portrait of Marquise brigida spinola-doria, 1606, allartclassi.com _RUP026

Marquise Brigida Spinola Doria, 1606

portrait study

Peter_Paul_Rubens_, christ after the punishment, 1620, allartclassic.com RUP034

Christ after the Punishment, 1620

religious subject

Peter_Paul_Rubens, Perseus and Andromeda, 1620-1621, from allartclassic.com _RUP022

Perseus and Andromeda, 1620/21

mythological theme

Rubens’ artistic flair greatly influenced his contemporaries.

One of his students, famed Flemish portraitist

Anthony Van Dyck, became court painter to

the English monarch Charles I.

Further, his significance is reflected in the works

of later artists such as landscape painter John Constable (18th C.)

and cubist artist Pablo Picasso (20th C.).

 Rubens Legacy

(image from metmuseum.com):

Peter_Paul Rubens Anthony_van_Dyck, study of a head, metmuseum.org 67

‘Study of a head

Anthony Van Dyck

rich colours, emotive, expressive

peter paul rubens, portrait image

Contour painting by Pablo Picasso

study of the female form

In celebration of the genius of Peter Paul Rubens

the Royal Academy of Arts, London will present

Rubens and His Legacy:  Van Dyck to Cézanne

an exhibition, which explores Rubens’ paintings

“through the lens of six themes:

power, lust, compassion, elegance, poetry and violence.”


Rubens and His Legacy:

Van Dyck to Cézanne


Royal Academy of Arts, London


24 January 2015 — 10 April 2015

For further information, visit