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On the rise designer Pedram Karimi views himself as an artist

whose medium for his creative expression is fashion.

Born in Iran, raised in Austria and now residing in Montreal, Canada

Mr. Karimi studied at London College of Fashion-

where undoubtedly, his avant garde sensibilities were honed.

(image from leloi.ca):

pedram karimi, portrait

designer, Pedram Karimi

His designs are interpretative of how he perceives his world

in its complexities of concrete and abstract terms.

Mr. Karimi’s work is an exploration in silhouette, styling versatility, unisex wear.

His aesthetics is modern, visionary;

inspiring Mr. Karimi to create “garments that feel honest”-

true to his design perspective on future fashion directives.

The Collection,  a/w  2014

muted colours, varied fabrication, Asymmetric flow



(images from vogue.it):


pedram karimi, white outfit, menspedram karimi, a14, womens, white dresspedram karimi, a 14, asymmetry, black top, white skirt

pedram karimi, b/w, a14, mens

asymmetric lines

pedram karimi, men, jacket, skirt, trousers, a14

menswear layering:  top, skirt, trousers

pedram karimi, mens tunic, a14

tunic with defined shoulders

pedram karimi, shining fabrication, a14pedram karimi, shiny fabrication, a14

shiny fabrication

pedram karimi, a14, men

pedram karimi, a14, men multi-layering

cape crusader with oversized ‘3-digit’ gloves