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The green colour story was runway legible for autumn / winter 2014.

As a signature hue,  green indicates balance, harmony, positivity and hope.

It is an uplifting colour, which is symbolic of nature,

rejuvenation, optimism and growth.

Following top positioned blue,

green (shared with red) ranks as the second most popular colour.

For autumn / winter 2014 sartorial colour choice,

harmonize with green to feel and to project a quality of

‘abc’:  asssurance, balance, calmness.

(images from style.com):

green as colour choice

Pine green trouser suit

double breast jacket and to ankle length trousers

from Escada

autumnal green, Escada_ a14, style007_1366.1366x2048

Hunter green with flecks of black

accessorised with a black faux fur scarf

from Escada

autumnal green gown, Escada

Mint green satin strapless, full length gown

from Escada

autumnal green top, christian siriano, a 14 , style_LKV7731.1366x2048

Juniper green leather top

by Christian Siriano

autumnal green, fuzzy top_trousers, siriano, stylecom_LKV7694.1366x2048

Phthalo green ‘fuzzy wuzzy’  top and matching trousers

by Christian Siriano

autumnal green, leather trousers, coat, siriano, a14, style_LKV7670.1366x2048

Teal green textured coat

with hunter green leather details at pocket and at arm

with leather hunter green trousers

by Christian Siriano

autumnal green, dress, costello tagliapietra, a 14, style YVL_0926.1366x2048

Form fit, draped boat collar jersey dress in pigment green

by design duo Costello Tagliapietro

autumnal green, bright, jumpsuit, vionnet, a 14 styleLAR_1434.1366x2048

Modern jumpsuit in bold chartreuse green

by Vionnent

autumnal green, top, skirt with grey, vionnet, a 14, style LAR_1488.1366x2048

G & G:  green and grey with structural details

by Vionnet

autumnal green, dress, strapless, wool, grey, vionnet, a14, style LAR_1163.1366x2048

Wool strapless dress in shades of green and grey

by Vionnet

autumnal green, felder felder a14, style YVL_4893.1366x2048autumnal green, felder felder, a14 style YVL_4841.1366x2048

Olive green ensembles with painterly colour pops

by Felder Felder

Gents in Green

autumnal green, a 14 opening ceremony, style OPE_0048.1366x2048

Utilitarian – wear in dark avocado

from Opening Ceremony

autumnal green, Y3 a14, style_ON_0106.1366x2048

Sportswear luxe inspired

office green with navy as accent colour

from Opening Ceremony

autumnal green, Y3 a 14, style _ON_0005.1366x2048

Military mission

Pistachio green cropped jacket top and matching trousers

overcoat in navy blue with grey faux fur trim collar

from Opening Ceremony

autumnal green, men,  roll top sweater, Gucci autumnal green roll neck sweater, gucci style.com GUC_0277.1366x2048

Style options with a teal green roll top jumper

from Gucci

autumnal green, fuzzy sweater, men, Gucci GUC_0043.1366x2048

Dark teal green ‘fuzzy wuzzy’ jumper

from Gucci

autumnal green knit, print, boots anna sui

My Favlook – Lookfav Focus Favourite!

Sixties mod:  green all in

knit mini dress and knee high boots in green hues with print/pattern details

by designer Anna Sui

autumnal green, roman  soldier kilt, from Balmain

Of ancient times

Roman legionarius kilt dress in asparagus green

from Balmain