Wearing a moustache:  much more than a sartorial statement


‘Movember’ is a portmanteau word,

a blending of the words moustache and November.

It is the name created by the Movember Foundation,

an internationally recognised organisation

whose aim is to raise awareness of men’s health issues-

particularly that of prostrate and testicular cancers,

as well as mental health concerns.

November is a key public awareness period on

the Foundation’s calender


Moustache + November =  Movember



The Movember Foundation sprouted in Melbourne Australia, 2003.

It began as a wisp of discussion between two fashion-loving friends;

then initially grew to a group of about thirty.

Today the Foundation has expanded worldwide to over 4 million members-

the “Mo Brothers and Mo Sisters”.


(image from elsenglish.com):

movember poster

Through various fundraising events, the Foundation finances

research, treatment and educational programmes.

In 2013, the Movember Foundation, U.K. singularly raised £20.4 million.

The month of November, re-styled ‘Movember’ is a key period

for the Foundation’s fund-raising  and public awareness efforts.

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