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Since the 16th century, hand muffs have been a

womenswear winter fashion accessory.

These hand-warmers were cylindrical shaped,

opened at both ends and made of luxury fur or fabric-

decidedly a dress trend of the wealthy (and royalty!).


(image from houseeffg.org):

hand muff, Elizabeth I holding a black muff, 1586, Bodleian Library Oxford

Miniature of British monarch, Queen Elizabeth I

a fashion icon of her her era

holding at black muff, 1586

(Bodleian Library, Oxford)

(image from fashion-era.com):

hand muff, 1639

Woman holding a fur muff,  1639

Throughout the 17th and 18th centuries they were worn

by women and men alike.


(images from info-fabrics.net):

hand muff, woman, 18th c

hand muff, gentleman, 18th c

Fashionable lady and gentleman sporting hand muffs, 18th century

However by the 20th century, hand-muffs had evolved into

a mostly women focused accessory.


(image from the dreamstress):

hand muff, 19th c

A lady carrying large white fur muff, 19th century

(image for lookandlearn.com):

hand muffs,  1912

Hand muff fashion (1912) , rolls into the 20th century

During the chilly season of a/w  2014,

allow gloves and mitts to ‘fashion-hibernate.

Revive the hand muff as signature winter warmer wear

for keeping frosty fingers toasty warm.

And why limit muff-wear to hand cover?  Alternate use of a woolen scarf with a

faux fur ‘body muff’ for added warmth and style factor.

(images from style.com):

Muffs:  winter-warmers for a/w 2014

Faux fur hand muffs

from designer, Christopher Raeburn

hand muff, black, christopher raeburn

hand muff, white, christopher raeburn


Faux fur ‘body muffs’

from designer,  Eudon Choi

body muff, eudon choi, faux fur

body muff, eudon choi, faux fur