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A statement-worthy accessory is key to elevating an outfit

to great sartorial heights.

It  can be the spotlight, stand-out feature of an ensemble

or an integral, yet quiet element of subtle interest.



Whatever its unique dress role, as accented by:

a hat, a tie, a piece of jewellery, a pair of socks (or lack of),

a pair of shoes, a pair of specs,  a pair of gloves , a bag or case-


an on-point accessory (or two, or three)

is fashion de rigueuer for achieving an inspired look.





 For a/w 2014

 The accessories:

a necessary to complete the total look

 A few ideas


Runway Ready



(images from style.com):


accessories, men, scarf, rick owens, a14, style.com190.1366x2048


ninja head cover and structured scarf

from Rick Owens



accessories, oversized wool beanie, leather backpack, suede sliders Michael_Kors_006_1366.1366x2048Shoe Slides

oversized wool beanie

leather backpack

suede sliders (with wool socks!)

from Michael Kors


accessory, men, oversized mitts, a14 ,style com Michael_Kors_004_1366.1366x2048

Massive mittens

‘bear claw’ mitts

ditto the leather backpack and suede sliders (with socks!)

 from Michael Kors

accessory, men, bow tie, maryk mcnairy new amsterdam, a 14, style_LKV0734.1366x2048

Clark Kent of the 21st century

round specs

bow tie

bell-shaped hat

white Buster Brown shoes (and no socks)

gathered at ankle suit trousers

from Mark McNairy New Amsterdam  

accessories, men, round sunnies, mark mcnairy new amsterdam, stylecom_LKV0923.1366x2048

Ready to roll

navy driving (flat) cap

black driving gloves

charcoal grey suede desert shoes

from Mark McNairy New Amsterdam  

accessory, men, wool headbands, Mark McNairy New Amsterdam, a14 stylecom_LKV0699.1366x2048A nod to ivy league/ preppy dress

thick wool bi-colour head band (yellow/black)

stripped tie in different colour story (orange/blue)

teddy bear overcoat

black monk shoes

from Mark McNairy New Amsterdam

 scarf, haider ackermann

Sensational scarf fashion

complementing a ‘dandy-gent’ statement

from Haider Ackermann

accessories, men's, blanket scarf, bag, Burberry a 14

textile, rich print carrier

patterned, wool, blanket scarf:

one shoulder draped over a chocolate colour suede, fringe jacket

from Burberry

accessories, menswear, silk scarf, large leather bag

Andiamo a palio!

silk print scarf worn a ‘contrade di Siena’ style

large graphic print leather carrier

from Burberry

accessory, men, two tone suede trainers, Kolor, style.com _UMB4573.1366x2048

grey patterned circle scarf

tan/chocolate suede trainers

from Kolor

accessory, men, Kolor,  belt, a14, style.com _UMB4707.1366x2048

Belt focus

cornflower blue leather belt cinches in a gravel-grey trench

tan toe green trainers

from Kolor



accessories, men, john varvatos, aviator sunnies, a 14 style.com DSC_0016.1366x2048

Dark knight

deep brown lens, aviator frame sunnies

skinny, black neck tie

fingerless black leather gloves

 from John Varvatos

accessory, mens, j.w. anderson, bucket bag, a 14, style.com _ARC0080.1366x2048

‘Gender-bender’ fashion (and loving it!)

black wool knit collar

black bucket bag

white flatform shoes

from J.W. Anderson

accessories, j.w.anderson, plaftform loafers, a14, style.com _ARC0289.1366x2048


black slip-on flatforms

from J.W. Anderson


accessories, men, stacked bangles, j.w. anderson,a 14, style.com _ARC0123.1366x2048

colour-varied stacked bangles

box bag

from J.W. Anderson

accessories, men, stacked bangles, j.w. anderson, style.com, a14 _ARC0092.1366x2048

bi-colour, round frame specs

red ‘grab-bag’ carry-all

from J.W. Anderson


accessories, mens, andrea pompilio, pocket kerchief, a 14 stylecom CG5Q0370.1366x2048

vibrant print pocket kerchief

The look? : mix & match

from Andrea Pompilio

accessories, men, a14 andrea  pompilio , fluffy white marching band-ish hat, style.com CG5Q0097.1366x2048

And the band played on

drum major-esque white faux fur hat with black peak

white faux fur gloves

from Andrea Pompilio


accessories, sweater/scarf, Band of Outsiders

A ‘twin-set’

matching sweater/scarf combo

from Band of Outsiders

menswear, sweater/scarf combo, Band of Outsiders

A ‘triplet set’

In polka dot:   scarf, cardie, jacket

from Band of Outsiders

menswear, knit cap

B & B colour story

caramel hue knit beanie styled with peaks

worn as part of a B & B (black/brown) winter layered look:

black shirt, brown turtle-neck jumper, black leather jacket

and herringbone pattern trousers

from Ami

accessories, menswear, high top knit beanie, Ami

stone colored wool beanie worn ‘high top’ style

as part of an super cool/casual vibe

from Ami


accessory, men, statement trainers, walter van beirendonck, a14DSQ_1681.1366x2048

At attention

felt helmet hat with bow detail chin strap

vivid scarf

print/colour intense high tops

from Walter van Beirendonck

Street Styling

 (photo from Pause Magazine):

accessory, men, socks, pausemagazineanonymous948Red said

 colour impact socks


(from gq.com):

accessories, plaid gloves, from GQ

A perfect match

plaid gloves and plaid jacket

(photo from the urbanspotter):

accessories, men, chunky watch, leather bracelets, photo from the urbanspotter

Wrist action

chunky watch

leather bracelets