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Thanks to the sponsorship of Swedish

clothing-retail company H & M,

emerging designer Eddy Anemian

is now a distinct presence on the fashion radar.

As the 2014 recipient of of the H & M Design Award,

Mr. Anemian received a monetary prize and presented

a collection at Mercedes-Benz Stockholm Fashion Week.


The pieces are textural, structural, colourful and graphic.

Anemian drew inspiration from the works of

French painter Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres

and Tilda Swinton’s character in the Italian movie I am Love.

The floral prints, used liberally throughout the collection, are a visual delight.

Radiating a sophisticated beauty, the collection is versatile

and includes a selection of garments:

a colour impact maxi-skirt

a concertina pleat matching top / trouser set

flowly, muted toned jumpsuits

inter-changeable tops, trousers and dresses as ensemble-wear.

The sum collection is sure to have massive appeal.


Elegance of movement

Catch a glimpse of the runway presentation:

The collection is now available in-store and on-line.