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High street stores / fashion designer collaborations have featured

established creatives, those already with an enthusiastic brand following-

the already recognised money-makers.

Well that has been the expected, that is until now.


Running parallel to its media frenzied partnership

with noted American designer Alexander Wang,

high street giant H & M, the Swedish multinational retail-clothing company,

has supported enthusiastically the work of

emerging French designer Eddy Anemian.

(image from elle.be):

eddy anemain, portrait, from elle.bephoto-3-447x600

designer, Eddy Anemian

At only 24 years old, Mr. Anemian is currently a student at L’École de la Cambre,

one of the leading art and design schools in Belgium and

he is this year’s recipient of the third annual H & M Design Award.

The award is a cash prize of €50,000 and the opportunity

to present a collection at Mercedes-Benz Stockholm Fashion Week.

His collection for H & M is inspired by the 19th century

French neo-classical painter Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres and

contemporary British actress Tilda Swinton in her role as

the wealthy Russian matriarch Emma Recchi in the film I am Love.

Inspiration gleaned:

(image from nationalgallery.org.uk):

ingres painting, designer eddy anemain inspiration-madame-moitessier, nationalgallery.org.uk NG4821-fm

floral, volume

Madame Moitessier

by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres

(can be viewed at the National Gallery, London)

(image from

tilda swinton, I am love photo, inspiration for designer eddy anemain, from iamlovemovie.comphoto_02

Tilda Swinton  as the character Emma Recchi

wearing a red shift dress

 elegantly/classically attired


Presenting  voluminous silhouettes, tiered slash work, and structural elements –

the pieces are beautifully crafted in floral and painterly accented fabrics.


What’s next for this for young Anemian?  He is fluctuating between launching

a label or honing his talent under further tutelage.  He states:

“I’m deciding between working for a fashion house in Paris or creating my own label,” he says. “I’m thinking about doing luxurious ready-to-wear or maybe starting a haute couture label.” (quote from teenvogue.com)

Whatever choice he makes, Anemian is set for further success.

(images from teenvogue.com):

Eddy Anemian for H & M

The Collection

   eddy-anemian_ h and m, teenvogue 02 eddy-anemian _ h and m, teenvogue-09 eddy-anemian _ h and m, teenvogue-13 eddy-anemian-_ h and m, teenvogue16 eddy-anemian_ h and m, teenvogue-15 eddy-anemian_ h and m, teenvogue-11 eddy-anemian _ h and m, teenvogue-10 eddy-anemian _ h and m, teenvogue -05 eddy-anemian _ h and m, teen vogue-03 eddy-anemian _ h and m, teenvogue-04 eddy-anemian_ h and m, from teenvogue-06 eddy-anemian_ h and m from teen vogue-08

As of 23 October 2014, the Eddy Anemian collection

is in-store at selected H & M locations and online.