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There is a certain measure of  ‘je ne sais quoi’,

an almost indescribable special something

about a man sporting a well-fitted jacket.

Be it part of an ensemble of matching jacket and trousers,

cut from the same cloth for an intended constructed look or

an unique deconstructed look of seemingly discordant pieces,

yet which perfectly harmonise:

the effect is evident, a jacket is a definite style maker.




 As the autumnal chill sets in, consider a few jacket styling options:


 Runway style inspiration


Men’s jacket wear,  Autumn  ’14

(images from style.com):

Issey Miyake

by designer, Yusuke Takahashi

menswear, jacket, suit, issey miyake a14

Kaleidoscopic fashion groove

menswear, jacket, issey miyake, a14

Gloves as jacket design extensions

Costume National

by designer, Ennio Capasa

menswear, jacket, costume national

A colour cornucopia:

aubergine purple jacket

tomato red trousers

From British father and son design duo

Casely – Hayford

jacket, suit,  red/black checkered, casely hayford

Red suit with faint/fuzzy black rectangular print

worn with long length tee

jacket, casely hayford, a14

 Bespoke styling

jacket-on-jacket teaming

jacket, suit, casely hayford, a 14

Burnt siena hued suit with

contrast texture in lapel detail

By designer, Siki Im

menswear suit, siki im, a14

Form fit

Asymmetric concealed button closure


By designer, Todd Snyder

jacket, todd snyder, a14

A ’60s cool factor

By Belgian designer, Kris van Assche

menswear, jacket,  kris van assche, a14, stylecomYVL_9846.1366x2048

Soft sheen suiting

From the design team at Jil Sander

menswear, jacket, jil sander, a14

A bit boxed in

by Umit Benan

menswear, jacket, suit, umit benan, a14

Suited up!

a home run baseball uniform inspiration


by Billy Reid

menswear, jacket, billy reid, a14

Fun fabrication

blue textured jacket and blue velvet trousers



by Kean Etro, creative director of Etro Men


menswear, suit, plaid, etro, a 14

menswear, jacket, suit, etro a14, stylecom_UMB6644.1366x2048

Plaid plain speaking

Plaid, plaid and more plaid


Shipley and Halmos

by designers, Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos

menswear, jacket shipley halmos

Casual and carefree



 Jacket takes from

Out and About




(photos by Yu Yuan):


mens suiting, camo wear, photo by Yu Yung anonymous1003A camo suit sighting

menswear, suit options, from before sunrise tumblr_ndoxmtHmcw1sszpmyo1_1280

Showing how it’s done:

los tres amigos

mens, fashion parade, photo by yu yang tumblr_ndego4rvXv1sszpmyo1_1280

 Style options abound


(photos by Robert Spangle):

menswer, photo by robert spangle, braces tumblr_ncj5vriBBg1tb66mbo1_1280

 It’s all about the accessories:

braces and attached trouser belt-loop chain



mens, photo by robert spangle, red clothing, senior cyclist tumblr_ncl898mTWm1tb66mbo1_1280

Ruby red remark


  menswear, windowpane suiting, photo from before sunrise, tumblr_ndqy6tr2m51sszpmyo1_r1_1280

Taking in the view:

window-pane pattern, double breast suit