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High street shops have visual merchandising teams whose

function is to create eye-catching, arresting

window and in-store displays, which tantalize and mesmerize.

The brief:  the window display-  to lure potential shoppers to stroll into store;

the in-store display-  to captivate their attention … literally.

The goal is to keep shoppers as ‘captive audience’ and

encourage a mind set of buy, buy and buy some more.

The result:  It works! Sometimes, it works very well indeed

especially if other elements such as excellent service, products, policies

contribute to a good customer experience.

As the holiday season approaches, the universal display theme

will be fixed firmly on images of the festive season:

Santa and snowmen; bows and baubles.

Before the onslaught of this singular focus,

take a brief visual walk-about of a few mannequin on show.

(photos by meappropriatestyle):

Window shop stroll

 mannequin, H & M, yarn heads and hands

mannequin display, H & M, yarn heads and handsIn stitches:  knit heads and hands

In-store display:  H & M


mannequin display, COS, translucnet forms


Translucent bodies

In-store display:  COS


mannequin, Miss Sixty, headless, photo of woman wearing display dress


Don’t lose your head over it!

with large scale photo in view for clarification

Window display:  Miss Sixty


mannequin, abstract, elongated neck, turban

An elegant, elongated neck



mannequin, wire forms, monki


Scaffolded head set

In-store display:  Monki



mannequin, window display, hanger/hook, scotch and soda

Held in place and Hooked on end

Window display:  Scotch and Soda


mannequin, monseuir london accessories, wood/ from the chest up

From the waist up

Window display:  Monsieur London

mannequin, bolangaro trevor, marionette figures


Marionette arms and hands

Window display:  Bolongaro Trevor



mannequin, hawkes and curtis, headless, from chest up, with props - bike


In suspension

Window display:  Hawes and Curtis


mannequin, red woman form, undressed, posed, kurt geigermannequin, red female form, side view posed, basket of apples, seduction/sinful, kurt gieger

Red is seduction

Lady in red?  No, the lady is red.

Display:  Kurt Geiger