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Studies indicate that in order to maximise productivity,

intermittent 10 -15 minute breaks

should be scheduled into the work day.

These breaks allow the brain to rest,  recharge

and essentially get ‘revved-up ready’ for the next

interval of concentrated / focused work assignments.

In order to be effective, these breaks should include an activity

which is totally non-work related, pleasant and enjoyable:

going for a walk, reading literature/fun magazine article, listening to music

and may I suggest-  creating a work of abstract art.

Be inspired!

Release your inner Joan Mitchell

(American abstract expressionist painter)

(images from joanmitchellfoundation.org):

abstract painting, joan mitchell, 1957


abstract painting, joan mitchell, 1989

River (1989)

Express your contemplative Wassily Kandinsky

(Russian abstract artist / art theorist)

(images / citation from wassily-kandinsky.org):

“In his seminal 1912 publication Concerning the Spiritual in Art, Wasily Kandinsky advocated an art that could move beyond imitation of the physical world, inspiring, as he put it, “vibrations in the soul.”

kandinsky painting: yellow, red , blue 1925

Yellow, Red, Blue (1925)

kandinsky painting, imorvisation 31(sea battle) 1931

Improvisation 31, Sea Battle (1913)

Now, have a bit of fun!

1.  Click on the link

2.  A blank page will appear

3.  Click on your mouse / pad

     to start a colour flow, to introduce a new colour

4.  Use your mouse / pad to navigate the page,

     to create shapes / forms of varying dimensions



Okay, now back to work!