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The Big Band sound

describes a musical orchestration

associated with jazz and swing.

It included an ensemble of about 12

to upwards of 25 musicians playing

woodwind, percussion and

brass  (hence the big band sound) instruments.

Big Band sound started in the U. S. during the

depression era of the 1930s.

It quickly spread across the nation as people

snapped their fingers

tapped their feet

shook their hips

and danced to the intoxicating music.

Considered among the greats of the Big Band leaders

was celebrated jazz pianist Duke Ellington.

(image from amazon.com):

duke elliington at the piano

‘Sir’ Duke at the piano

Duke Ellington, 1899 – 1974

‘Take the A Train

is one of the most recognizable piece of

instrumental jazz music.

The score was composed in 1939

by Billy Strayhorn

and is the signature tune of the

Duke Ellington Band.

The title of the tone was inspired by the then newly constructed

A Train subway line in New York City.

The line linked the two largest Black neighborhoods in New York City,

Harlem (Manhattan) and Bedford-Stuyvesant (Brooklyn):

a transport feat as well as one of sociological significance.

Today, the A Eighth Avenue Express

operates at all times and connects

parts of the major NYC boroughs:

Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and the Bronx.

When next in NYC, why not

take a ‘ride on the A train’?

For now-  sit back, relax, watch and listen to the sounds of

The Duke Ellington Band playing ‘Take the A train’.