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Bags have evolved into signature accessories

not simply as an outfit complement but

as a statement about the wearer:

the quirkier the bag,

the more fashion fun-type the wearer,

(at least I think so!)

A bag can be key to cementing a look

or be the centerpiece of a style ensemble.

For Fall ’14 accentuate your dress flair

with fashion fun bags of whimsy.

A few ‘in the bag’ ideas:


(images from Tommy Ton):

bag, face with fang tooth bag

‘A bag of anger’

body cross bag with thin gold tone metal strap

bag, pop art design

Pop art appeal a la Roy Lichtenstein

fun bags 09_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW_03

Advertisement clutch

fun bags08_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW_02

Supermarket carriers

grocery basket bags from fashion label Chanel

(images from the urbanspotter):

fun bags, whimsical fashion, face with one eye design

With one eye open

fun bags, street sign, one way

Follow directions

(images from polyvore):

fun bags, spongebob bucket bag, moschino

Spongebob bucket bag

from Moschino

fun bags, french fries, moshino

“I’ll have some fries with that’

from Moschino

(image from moschino.com):

fun bag, moschino, cow

‘Moo, cow’ from Moschino

hand-held or shoulder-perched

(images from nssmagazine):

fun bags, blood shot eye

‘A good time was had by all’

blood-shot eye, leather pouch bag

fun bag, square, yellow, banana on top

No cherries here:  it’s a banana on top!

fun bag, knitted

Knitted thingy

bag, angry face with mohawk

Angry face backpack

with faux fur ‘mohawk’ detail

(imagea from ydavydova.com):

fun bags, the holiday look

‘It’s all about moi’

complete with Cindy Crawford beauty mark

fun bags, monster bag, moschino

Mad Monster Face carry-all

by designer Jeremy Scott for Longchamp

(images from asos.com):

bag, playful girl

‘Happy girl’

pink, shoulder bag with gold/leather woven strap

from Moschino

backpack, faux fur cat

Cat on the back backpack

bag, milk shake shape

Strawberry milkshake clutch