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In the King James English translation of the Bible (completed in 1611),

1 Corinthians 11:15 reads:

“But if a woman have (has) long hair,

it is a glory to her:

for her hair is given her for a covering.”


Martin Luther, the 16th century German theologian

whose works sparked the Protestant Reformation

is credited with saying:

“The hair is the riches ornament of women”


Ancient writings and Renaissance thinkers alike,

praise a woman’s hair as a wondrous asset:

a thing of “glory” an “ornament”.

Well, that was then and this is now.

Many modern women have embraced short hair styles

as a liberating symbol, a signature look for self expression.


Yet, there is short,  shorter still and the scalp revealing

“skivvy cut”.


The skivvy  (referencing to the word skin in sentiment / spelling)

is a meappropriatestyle word usage.

It has been part of my colloquial vocabulary for quite some time.

Unable to refer to a women’s extremely short hair cut as a “buzz cut”,

(I suppose because this term conjured up images of military indoctrination for

male recruits), I invented the word ‘skivvy’ as pet name

for my own to – skin hairstyle, which I once sported.

The word sounded playful and fun,

in keeping with how I regarded my own hair style.

The term stuck and I have used it ever since.

Skivvy … maybe it will spread further afield and gain wide usage.

Or maybe ‘the skivvy’ will simply remain my own.

And the word is


skiv’vy (adj. or n.)

Pronounced:  skee   (long e) / ve   (long e)

1.  as an adjective:  to describe a woman’s extremely short hair cut

2.  as a noun:  to name a woman’s extremely short hair cut

Synonym:  buzz cut (a men’s hair styling)

(image from mlkshk.com):

skivvy, new term for ladies buzz cut

(image from haircutgalaxy):

skivvy, new term for buzz cut for ladies,

Oscar Award winning actress

Lupita Nyong’o



(image from dailytelegraph.co.uk):

skivvy, new term for ladies buzz cut

actress, Mena Suvari

(images from madamenoire):

skivvy, new term for ladies buzz cut

model / actress , Amber Rose

skivvy, new term for ladies buzz cut

actress, Noemie Lenoir

(image from nytimes):

skivvy hair cut actress Olivia Cooke nytimes.com29runway-blog480

actress, Olivia Cooke