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Jewellery artist Ewa Sliwinska

has a creative eye fixedly focused on

future ideas and interpretations

of jewellery art forms.

Her MA degree project

at the University of Fine Arts, Poznan (Poland),

is a jewellery collection entitled:

The Living Points Structure

Ms. Sliwinska designed pieces,

with an ultra-modern perspective.

More total body adornments than traditional jewellery,

the objects are created with a vision for

simultaneous wear on several body parts.

Her inspiration arose from contemplation on

the manner and attitude of how people might

wear jewellery in future:  a century from present.

Hence, the idea of pieces, which are not limited to

a singular body part:  finger, wrist, ear, ankle, etc –

but are of a body inter-connective quality.

The pieces are made from elasticated PVC strips,

“translucent tendrils” extending from the body,

moving in concert with the wearer.

As Ms. Sliwinska eloquently states:

“By wearing the designed objects one does not simply decorate the body, but rather extend it both in the context of multidimensional shape and activity – the movement is given a new visual representation

The concept and finished pieces intrigue:

this notion of jewellery as elaborate objects

of body continuation in form and motion.

With this impression jewellery is organic,

maybe not from materials used in construction,

but as more intricate and intimate to the wearer.

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jewelery Living-Points-Structure-by-Ewa-Sliwinska_dezeen_468_6 jewelry futuristic perspective Living-Points-Structure-by-Ewa-Sliwinska_dezeen_468_1 jewlery futuristic perspectiveLiving-Points-Structure-by-Ewa-Sliwinska_dezeen_468_3jewlery futuristic perspective Living-Points-Structure-by-Ewa-Sliwinska_dezeen_468_2