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The new Woody Allen romantic comedy


magic in the moonlight, film, poster

Magic in the Moonlight

starring Colin Firth and Emma Stone

probably will not receive an

Oscar nod for screenplay writing.

Set during the 1920s in the beautiful

Côte d’Azur (the French Riviera),

it is the wonderful costumes worn,

which are of arresting interest.

(image from ministryoffashion):

magic in the moonligt, women's, emma, ministryofffashion.co.uk Emma-Stone-Magic-in-the-Moonlight-Wardrobe4

drawings of day dresses worn by the actress

Emma Stone as ‘Sofie’

Award – winning costume designer Sonia Grande

lent her talents to creating a wardrobe, which is true

to the period:  flamboyant, vibrant, joyful garments

Women’s fashion of the ‘roaring ’20s’

had a vibrancy which exuded a sense of ‘joie de vivre’.

Dresses were of light fabrics:  colourful and textural.

Clothing draped loosely, without cling to body form.

It was a period of ‘fashion celebration and liberation’,

as women rid themselves of the restrictive corsets of the

previous fashion era.

magice in the moonlight, women's, emma, sailor outfit Emma-Stone-Magic-in-the-Moonlight-Wardrobe

‘Sofie’ in a sailor top 

skirt at knee-length, flirty with side pockets

Stockings and shoes were equally of fashion fun

in variety of colours and patterns, which coordinated

with the clothing creating a finished look.

Close fit hats, scarves and headbands were also worn

to complement an ensemble and add further style dimension.

Magic-in-the-Moonlight costumes, women's, emma peach dress-Wardrobe2

peach drop-waist dress

floral embellished black cloche hat

(image from pinterest):


colourful, adorned hat

Men’s wear was all about suiting, often with a waistcoat.

Suits were made from wool, of neutral colours and with pattern.

The cut was more form fit than of past, to create a slim silhouette.

Neck – wear was de rigueur but more of a casual ‘jazzy’ vibe:

ties (bow and long), scarves, ascots were all part of accessorising

the upbeat look of the time.

Hats, as were befitting the season, completed the overall look.

(image from nationalpost.com):

magic in the moonlight costumes from nationalpost.com, menswearcostumes3

drawings of three-piece suits

worn by the actor Colin Firth as ‘Stanley’

elegantly tailored for a proper fit

magic in the moonlight costumes, womens_mens magic-roses-close

creams and whites for day-wear

It was the Jazz Age.  The lively tempo of the music

 influenced the lively tempo of dress.

The Great War had ended.  There was a desired intent

to find joy, happiness in life; and the fashion spoke to

these wants and aspirations.

(image from mongrelmedia.com):


gold beaded dress with delicate embroidery work

accessorised with gold headband worn by ‘Sofie;

black tuxedo worn by ‘Stanley’

In cinemas now:

‘Magic in the Moonlight’

starring Colin Firth and Emma Stone