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World War I, a global conflict of epic proportions, began on 28 July 1914

and lasted until 11 November 1918.

Over 9 million soldiers and 7 million civilians lost their lives during the war.

The conflict ignited following the assassination in Sarajevo, of the heir

to the throne of Austria-Hungary:   Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria.

He was killed by a Yugoslav nationalist, Gavrilo Princip .

This single incident was the catalyst, which initiated a catastrophic global war.


Aggressive postures quickly formed and alliances solidified.

Within just weeks of the Archduke’s assassination

nations were engaged in a war, which would sweep

throughout Europe and eventually affect every corner of the globe.



This year marks the centenary anniversary of the start of the Great War.

In commemoration, a stunning art installation entitled

‘Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red’

was assembled in the dry moat surrounding the Tower of London, UK.

By the conclusion of the exhibition, the moat will be filled with

over 800,00 handmade ceramic poppies.


(photos by meappropriatestyle):



A poppy stands for a life lost


The installation, which was revealed on 5 August 2014,

(marking one hundred years since the first day of British involvement in WWI),

is the collaborative design effort of ceramic artist Paul Cummins and

theatre stage designer Tom Piper.


(photo by meappropriatestyle):


A cascade of red poppies

The use of poppies bears a special imagery impact.

In the United Kingdom, the poppy is the symbol of war remembrance.

Their bright red hue is reminiscent of blood spilled, lives lost.

The ceramic poppies in the exhibition, are of varying size and position.

Collectively, they are a visually powerful representation of the

sheer magnitude and scale of the First World War.

The sum panoramic image of the poppies,

seem to shout and to echo:   “least we forget.”

(image from picturenews.com):

poppy, flower of remembrance

The poppy flower:

symbol of remembrance

By the end of the exhibition on 11 November 2014

a total 888,246 will have been installed.

Each poppy stands for each life lost

of a soldier serving in the British forces during WWI.

(photos by meappropriatestyle):



The ‘red sea’ of poppies

The poppies are available for purchase at 25 GBP.  The net proceeds

will be shared equally amongst a group of selected service charities,

in aid of war veterans.

(sources:  British Legion, Coming-home)

‘Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red’

can be viewed at the Tower of London

until 11 November 2014