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This week I visited the Mulberry showroom in London

to view their current collection, spring / summer 2015.

Following the 2013 departure of former creative director, Emma Hill

the new collection is a collaborative effort of the Mulberry design team.

It is quite cohesive, as if created by one sure and steady hand.

The clothing was displayed in fluid flow, ordered by colour,

amongst large vases bursting with the floral influences,

from which the collection was inspired.

Majestic blues of delphinium spikes and tiny cornflower (bachelor’s button)

in addition to the delicate whites of cow parsley (Queen’s Anne lace)

were the floral emphases.

(image from hgtvgardens.com):

 mulberry ss 15 delphinium .hgtvgardens.com

blue delphinium spikes

(image from desk7.net):

mulberry ss 15  cornflower desk7.net10302_1280x800

blue compact cornflower buds

(image from telegraph.co.uk):

mulberry ss 15 cow parsley telegraph.c.ukserlinum_2512972k

creamy – white,  intricate patterned cow parsley bunches



The vibrancy of the blue flower colour story,

was expressed in prints on lush jacquard.

These pieces were invitingly sensuous:

beautiful to look at, beautiful to touch.


The delicacy and patterning effect of the cow parsley was evident

in the white lace pieces:  a flowy, sheer exposed back maxi dress and

short sleeved, shirt with exposed flap front pockets.


A variety of fabrication added depth and dimension to the collection.

Particularly that of the black leather, laser cut -out pieces:

a beguilingly light-weight dress,

a button-less , 3/4 length jacket and

crew – neck, side slit top.

In addition, sturdy khaki was presented in a top and a mini shift dress,

which hinted at an element of strength amongst the dainty.

The collection is extremely wearable with the option to interchange pieces

and create different style combinations.

(photos by meappropriatestyle):


cow parsley delicate whites


delphinium blue-inspired print jacquard



My ‘Gotta have it!’ piece of the collection

collar – less dress with round neck, cinch waist

with an ingeniously paneled skirt,

which created a boning effect.

Thus, allowing the skirt to maintain a slight

crinoline silhouette




burst of cornflower blue

jacket, skirt, dress

made from a lush fabric reminiscent of soft , French terry cloth


IMG_4615 IMG_4614 IMG_4613

and a little bit of attitude!

laser cut – out, black leather pieces