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The 1960s was a dynamic decade:

political challenges and change

military intervention and failure

space exploration and success

new ideas and inventions

social unrest and strife

Elements of the decade’s enduring influences

remain far from exhaustive.

(image from pinterest):

60s saying pinterest3fd8d30572201d185891c8c6043d493a

’60s – speak

In every aspect the ’60s vibe continues to resonant;

none more instantly apparent than in fashion:

graphic patterns

bold colour combos


sweater dresses


knee high boots

skirt suits

swing coats

roll neck jumpers

fun fur

etc from etctalentlogo     …




Autumn / Winter  2014




For Fall  ’14:  get into the Groove with ’60s- inspired fashion!

people dancing freevectorzone_girls-silhouettes-free-vector

(image form freevectorzone)

(images from style.com):


Dries Van Noten

psychodelic colour swirls

 60s vibe psychodelic swirls Dries Van Noten a14style comDRI_0514.450x67560s vibe dries van noten styleDRI_0595.450x675

Jeremy Scott

mesmerizing graphics

60s vibe men psychodelic swirls jeremy scott a14SCO_0165.450x675


inner sensation

60s vibe mad colour _patterns chanelCHA_0505.450x675


’60s minimalism + ’14 maximalism =

simple shift, massive mitt

60s vibe shift dress_massive mitt celine a14 style_ON_0230.450x675

Saint Laurent

mod boots

mini lengths

60s vibe mod boots saint laurent styleBY8P0026.450x675

60s vibe mini skirt_contemporary zap fluffBY8P0249.450x675


fab fabrication

60s vibe mini_fabrication iceberg a14 style_ON_0109.450x675


not for the boardroom:

‘flower power’ suiting

60s vibe etro a14men suit with tails_UMB7167.450x675

60s vibe etro men multi colour suit_UMB6956.450x675

roll – neck jumpers

paisley profusion,  long – length jackets

60s vibe** mens paisley, rollneck etro a14 style_UMB6829.450x675

 60s vibe etro men style_UMB6861.450x675


flora jumper /  slim fit trousers

60s vibe mens trouser slim fit and graphic jumper from casely-hayford_ARC0360.450x675

tailored overcoat, ‘painted on’  fit , painterly trousers

60s vibe mens trousers Casely-Hayford_ARC0011.450x675

Antonio Marras

‘the business’

'60s vibe mens suitAntonioMarras_039_1366.450x675

'60s vibe mens suit_leather jacket AntonioMarras_037_1366.450x675

Custo Barcelona

long-length faux – fur gilet

with hoods – tooth peak cap and purple lens aviators

for added ‘mod squad’ appeal

60s vibe long faux fur gilet.mod hat custo barcelona_ARC0828.450x675

60s vibe faux fur gilet custo barcelona_ARC0426.450x675

Lindsey Thornburg

hooded swing coat

accessorised with floppy hat, fish nets and knee high boots

It’s time to go way out!

60s vibe swing coat lindsey Thornburg style_001_1366.1366x2048

Billy Reid

one ‘smooth cat’

60s vibe men billy reid style_17G0272.450x675

Rachel Zoe

ring in the bell bottoms

60s vibe bell bottoms rachelZoe style_013_1366.1366x2048

tweed skirt suit in checks

60s vibe tweed check skirt suit rachelZoe_001_1366.1366x2048


peacoat with added proportion

60s vibe peacoat Trademark style_002_1366.1366x2048

Phillip Lim

sweater dress with ‘Charlie Brown’ zig zag stripes

60s vibe shift dress with charlie brown stripes 3.1 phillip lim a14_ARC0264.450x675

tights and ankle boots in ‘dare to go there’ colours


60s vibe ankle boots tights in mod colours 3.1 phillip lim a14 styleLIM_0088.450x675

The ’60s, a decade of bold statements on any and every subject.



(image from fanpop)