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You know that feeling-

the unexpectedly jubilant reaction

to a ‘fashion sighting’ of something

that ticks the boxes of your sartorial checklist.

You think, or maybe even say out loud,

“I’ve gotta have it!”

New to  meappropriatestyle is the feature

Gotta have it!

in which I highlight items worthy of target for

my personal fashion wish list.

Ease, style and practicality rate high on

my daily dress directive.

That’s why I appreciate the functionality and beauty of

this well- crafted leather backpack.

(image from ellecanada.com):

backpack "must have"  ellecanandalfw-fall-2014-street-style-bags-5

uncomplicated design

clean geometric shape

colour block statement

and simply a cool carrier!

A definite on the Gotta have it! agenda.