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American designer, Michael Kors

is known for his creations of

cool casual chic clothing.

(image from vogue.de):

michael-kors from vogue.de-97807012_v320x480

His Fall ’14 collection hits all

 the fashion high notes for

an au courant, autumnal dress sense

which can well serve as

reference point for the season’s style inspiration.

(images from style.com):

1.  fringe skirts

a ‘can can’ affect

michael kors fringe skirt a14 KIM_0447.450x675

michael kors fringe skirtsKIM_0205.450x675

2.  oversize trousers

michael kors oversize trousersKIM_0424.450x675

3.  super – length sleeve sweaters

michael kors super sleeve 2KIM_0466.450x675

michael kors super sleeve sweaters sssKIM_0093.450x675


4.  fuzzy – wuzzy wear

faux fur scraf and oatmeal-hue fluff top

michael kors fuzzy wuzzy wear KIM_0505.450x675

5.  massive mitts

warm and comfy with lots of finger wiggle room

  michael kors guargantuan gloves menKIM_0775.450x675

6.  layering

with fabric mix:

warm wool  (jacket),   cool cotton (shirt),  shimmering sequins (trousers)

  michael kors layering- warm wool cool cotton  shimmering sequinsKIM_0669.450x675

7.  trouser suiting

emitting an up-town vibe

michael kors trouser suitingKIM_0332.450x675

8.  cape shape

from the front:

with matching trousers and luxe faux fur muffler

michael kors grey cape shape front_17G0683.450x675

from the back:

falling in soft folds

michael kors grey cape shape back_17G0701.450x675

9.  inter-seasonal dress (a)

co-existence:  a bit of Summer, a bit of Fall in style sync

michael kors mix fabricationKIM_0027.450x675

10.   inter-seasonal dress (b)

contradiction:  roll-neck jumper, overcoat and sandals (without socks) ?

but it works, thanks to ankle-gathered hem trousers!

michael kors style contradiction summer sandals winter wear coexistence KIM_0118.450x675

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