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The fuzzy – wuzzy trend strikes again for Fall ’14.

Designers were again inspired

to create multi-sensory fashion:

wonderful to look at and wonderful to touch,

with a few elements of quirky fashion fun.

There are many options for introducing

the fuzzy – wuzzy trend into an autumn wardrobe.

Go for a simple touch

with a single garment, detail or key accessory.

Or “go big or go home”

with full-on style statement effect.

The fuzzy – wuzzy trend:  tactile, playful, bold.

From the runway

a/w  2014


(images from style.com):




Dries Van Noten

fuzzy dries van noten styleNOT_0251.450x675 fuzzy dries van notenNOT_0391.450x675 fuzzy dries van notenNOT_0326.450x675 fuzzy dries van notenNOT_0596.450x675 fuzzy dries van notenNOT_0754.450x675

  neck warmer

Acne Studies

fuzzy shoesAcne_Studios style_014_1366.450x675

fuzzy shoesAcne_Studios_010_1366.450x675

fuzzy shoesAcne_Studios_009_1366.450x675

Sasquatch footwear


Paul Smith

fuzzy coat women paul smith styleSMI_0525.450x675 fuzzy gilet women paul smith styleSMI_0541.450x675

red highlights


fuzzy – wuzzy accents:  It’s all in the details!

fuzzy jacket detail maiyet_KIM1352.450x675

fuzzy jumper detail maiyet women a14 style_KIM1431.450x675

fuzzy collar detail maiyet_KIM1149.450x675

fuzzy collar jumer detail_KIM1476.450x675

  fuzzy top detail maiyet style_KIM1207.450x675

fuzzy blue clutch maiyetKIM1365.450x675fuzzy clutch maiyet_KIM1192.450x675

bright canary yellow clutch

Marques Almeida

fuzzy silk denim marques almeidaYVL_1152.450x675

Total fabrication?

No, it’s true:  ostrich feathers, silk, denim

Three is a charm!

fuzzy trainers marques almeidaYVL_1070.450x675

fuzzy – wuzzy pink trainers

fuzzy jumper detail marques almeidaYVL_1421.450x675

fuzzy pink front marques almeidaYVL_1203.450x675fuzzy big blue coat marques almeidaYVL_1388.450x675

big blue fluff

fuzzy pink cross body bag marques almeidaYVL_1081.450x675

hot pink cross body bag

Paul and Joe

fuzzy coat paul and joe a14 styleYVL_8562.450x675 fuzzy cream coat use paul and joeYVL_9398.450x675 fuzzy torquiose paul and joeYVL_9524.450x675

soft outer shell

Betsey Johnson

fuzzy flourescent green coat betsey johnson_LKV1796.450x675

florescent green gilet

fuzzy purple shrug betsey johnson_LKV1804.450x675

purple pleaser shrug

fuzzy pom pom bag detail betsey johnson_LKV1912.450x675

carnation pink pom – pom attachment