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Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam (FOAM)

(image from artplein-spui.nl):

foam-foam from artplein-spui.nl-photography-museum-in-amsterdam_28_550x370_20111026154617

is an internationally renowned museum,

which exhibits all genres of photography in a

beautiful mid-19th century building along a canal-side setting.

In addition to displaying a wide variety of works,

by both world-famous artists as well as up-and-coming talent,

the museum serves as a creative hub where

photographers can network as well as participate in scheduled symposia.

The museum rotates its shows on a regular basis (every 2-4 months).

Both still photography and multi-media exhibits are displayed.

Guest curator Magdalene Keaney

has organised one of the current exhibitions:

Don’t Stop Now: Fashion Photography Next


The show explores contemporary methods of creating fashion images

as expressed by a now emerging generation of fashion photographers

who challenge the perspective of how the body is seen and clothing worn.

(list of exhibiting photographers from metro imaging):

This group exhibition showcases the work of many of the rising stars

in contemporary fashion photography including:

Daniel Jackson, Julia Hetta, Saga Sig, Erik Madigan, Alice Hawkins, Chad Moore, Samuel Hodge, Tyrone Lebon, Chardchakai Waikawee (Air), Jamie Hawkesworth, Mel Bles, Daniel Sannwald, Axel Hoedt, Laetitia Negre, Jonathan Hallam, Harley Weir, Daniel Riera, Charlie Engman, Hanna Putz, Baker & Evans, Laetitia Hotte, Jacob Sutton, Immo Klink, Ruvan Wijesooryia,  Tung Walsh and Robi Rodriquez

A selection of previous work:

(image from stussy.com):

by Tyrone Lebon

Stussy, a/w  2013

tyrone lebon for stussy fall 2013 stussy.com-lebon-13-header-final

(image from its nice that):

by Hanna Putz

hanna putz from itsnicethat.com4

(image from julian watson agency):

by Tung Walsh

ASOS, 2012

tung walsh for asos 2012 LHT_sncyth01

(image from the fashion spot)

by Axel Hoedt

axel hoedt canalblog51313127

(image from oaka zine)

by Saga Sig, July 2010

saga sig 2010 oaka zine 11_sagasig22-521x475

(image from encens magazine):

by Jonathan Hallam, 2005

clothes by designer, Yohji Yamamoto

joathan Hallam from encens magazine 2005 clothes by yohji Yamamoto img002

by Alice Hawkins

Love Magazine,  Spring 2012

alice hawkins, for Love magazine s 2012 from another africa16-nggid042491-ngg0dyn-620x413x100-00f0w010c010r110f110r010t010

by Laetita Hotte

Laetitia hotte from so present .comH_c_4

by Jacob Sutton

for ‘Danceteria’, 2009

jacob sutton from the fashionsitodanceteria4

Don’t Stop Now: Fashion Photography Next

FOAM, Amsterdam

until 7 September 2014

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