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Copenhagen Fashion Week

takes place twice yearly:  in February and in August.

It is a showcase to present the best of Danish fashion to

an anticipatory and appreciative international audience.

Some of the labels to track on your fashion radar are:

(images from copenhagenfashionweek.com):

Wood Wood

a/w 2014

urban dress innovation

wood wood a14_dsc9012_0 wood wooda14 _dsc8936_0 wood wood a14_dsc8823_0 wood wood a14 _dsc8815_0

by desinger, Ivan Grundahl

a/w 2014

fabric mix

hard / soft styling

ivan grundahl a 14_dsc1033 ivan grundahl a14_dsc0932 ivan grundahl a14 _dsc0827 ivan grundahl a14 _dsc0787

ivan grundahl_dsc0747

by designer, Anne Sofie Madsen

a/w  2014

futuristic vibe

anne sofie madsen_dsc0464

anne sofie madsen_dsc0320anne sofie madsen_dsc0347anne sofie madesen_dsc0410anne sofie madsen_dsc0361


Britte Kai Rand

a/w  2014

mod squad

bitte kai rand a14_dsc3774 bitte kai rand a14_dsc3628 bitte kai rand a14_dsc3577bitte kai rand a14_dsc3561  bitte kai rand a14 _dsc3512

by designer, Bettina Bakdal

a/w  2014

classic cut

autumnal hues

bettina bakdal a14 dsc_3627_0 bettina bakdal a14 dsc_3586_0 bettina bakdal a14 dsc_3524_0Bettina Bakdal a14 dsc_3517_0

Baum und Pferdgarten

by design duo,  Rikke Baumgarten and Helle Hestehave

s/s 2015

playful,  flirty,  graphic

baum und pferdgarten ss15_g7z1065 baum und pferdgarten_g7z1028 baum und pferdgarten ss15_g7z0957 Baum und Pferdgarten ss15_g7z0921

by designer Barbara I Gongini

s/s  2015




barbar I gongini ss 1524 copenhagen fashionweek  barbara I gongini ss15 12

barbara i gongini 16

barbar i gongini 01

by designer, Freya Dalsjo

s/s  2015

asymmetric detail

subdued seduction

freya dalsjo ss15_g7z9848_0

freya dlasjo_g7z9933 freya dlasjo_g7z9998

freya dalsjo ss15_g7z9893freya dlasjo_g7z9941