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Kazimir Malevich, 1879 -1935

(image from telegraph.co.uk):

Malevich-self-portrait 1908-'10 telegraph.co.uk_2974192b

Self portrait, 1908 – 1910

Kazimir Malevich

was a Russian painter whose work was influenced by Cubist aesthetics,

as introduced by the artists Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque.

Cubism was an art movement, which originated in the 1910s

with Picasso and Braque interpretive of a breaking up and re-assembling

of a given subject in basic geometric shapes and abstract form.

The rendering is meant to be appreciated from various focal perspectives,

thus generating a sense of dimensionality and dynamism.

(image from artchive.com):

picasso cubist portrait of wilhelm Uhde 1910 from artchive.comuhde

cubist portrait of Wilhem Uhde, 1910

by Pablo Picasso

(image from tellcliff.com):

PicassoPainting carafe jug and fruit bowl 1909 from tellcliffcom

Carafe, Jug and Fruit Bowl, 1909

by Pablo Picasso

(images from acquavella galleries:

georges Braque___Habor 1909 from acquavella galleries.com_NGA0

Harbour, 1909

by George Braques

georgesBraque___Glass_Bottle_and_Newspaper 1912 from acquavellagalleries.com0

Glass, Bottle and Newspaper

by Georg Braques

Cubist sensibilities and abstract imagery

in interpreting how images are viewed and depicted

resonated with Kazimir Malevich,

who took geometric abstraction another step in his creating of


In Suprematism, a term he coined in 1915,

Malevich was concerned with expressing purity:

 works free from political or social innuendos

composed of simple geometric forms.

Mark your diary!

The Tate Modern, London

is the venue for a retrospective exhibition,

which chronicles the works of Kazimir Malevich

from his early landscape paintings / local scenes,

his development of Suprematism

and later works of figurative art.

Early Works:

local scene / landscape

(images from pravda.ru):

kazimir malevich flower girl 1903 from pravda.ru191

Flower Girl, 1903

 kazimir malevich landscape 1906-1908 from pravd.ru

Landscape, 1906 – 1908


paintings by Kazimir Malevich


(image from tate.org.uk):


malevich use black sq 1915 tateorguk2148_9

Black Square, 1915

(image from artinthepicture.com):

malevich areoplane flying from artinthe picture.com suprematist

Aeroplane Flying

(images from art observed):

malevich artobservedsupremus-56-malevich

malevich_suprematist 1916 from artobserved.com

painted in 1916

malevich artobservedsuprematist-1917-malevich

painted in 1917

malevich artobservedsuprematism-self-portrait-malevich

 Later Works:

figurative paintings

(images from art might):

malevich artmightcom three women 1928normal_malevich-three-women-1928-32

Three Women, 1928

malevich artmightcom normal_malevich-two-peasants-1928-32

Two Peasants, 1928

Tate Modern, London

Bankside, London SE

Malevich:  Revolutionary of Russian Art

until 26 October 2014

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