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Lend an ear!

Two earring accessorizing ideas to expand ear-wear options:

1.  No sightings of earring pairings.

The Celine, autumn ’14 runway show featured

single, long, dangling earrings.

One ear dressed, the other left bare –

an accessorizing trend to incorporate into Fall styling.

(images from style.com):

earringceline BY8P0062.450x675

celine earringBY8P0542.450x675

celine earringBY8P0606.450x675

2.  Reverse earrings

From every angle, reverse earring fashion

provides total ear-lobe adornment.

No longer is the back lobe simply to hide the fastener,

 rather it is now an ear-dress feature!

(images from dior.com):

earrings diorE0078MIDRC_D060_V5 earring diorE0078MIDRC_D028_V5

(image from avenue 32):

reverse earring from avenue 32comMAR0071301075701_2

(image from thinkgeek.com):

reverse earring thinkgeekcom15cb_little_dragon_buddy_earring_in_ear

(image from lyst):

reverse earring from lystmaria-black-gold-gold-plated-wing-reverse-earring-product-1-15929902-352671259_large_flex