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Another triumph for

designer Phoebe Philo.

Her  Fall ’14 Collection for Celine is a symphony of sartorial high notes,

 on-key innovative fashion and styling.

The collection crescendos into an explosion of:

fabric mix

asymmetrical silhouette

exaggerated sizing

crisp tailoring

embellished pieces

delicate andro-chic elements

elongated sleeves

floor sweeping trouser hems

(both a nod to grunge fashion)

And the accessories, striking the right chord:

faux fur hand muffs

shoe stompers

single earrings

chunky / colourful lucite necklaces and bracelets

in harmony to create statement autumn looks.


(images from style.com):

Celine, Fall ’14

The Collection


 celinerunway a14_ON_0021.450x675 celinerunwaya14_ON_0106.450x675 celinerunway_ON_0136.450x675 celinerunway_ON_0153.450x675

celinerunway_ON_0190.450x675 celinerunway_ON_0273.450x675 celinerunway_ON_0316.450x675

celinerunway_ON_0342.450x675 celinerunway_ON_0384.450x675 celinerunway_ON_0358.450x675 celinerunway_ON_0438.450x675 celinerunway_ON_0471.450x675 celinerunway_ON_0537.450x675 celinerunway_ON_0584.450x675 celinerunway_ON_0605.450x675 celinerunway_ON_0734.450x675 celinerunway_ON_0811.450x675 celinerunway_ON_0830.450x675 celinerunway_ON_0857.450x675 celinerunway_ON_0903.450x675


View the runway presentation: