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Never has the cinematographic arts industry

naturally, honestly, intuitively

presented a movie which chronicles

a chapter of a life story spanning twelve consecutive years.

A significant span of a young boy’s life from age 6 to 18 –

portrayed in real time,

resulting in over a decade of filming as

he develops from a boy to a young man.



is the artistic triumph of filmmaker Richard Linklater.

It’s an emotive, experimental, ‘docu-fiction’, innovative piece of movie making.

Mr. Linklater has surely offered something special to the film-making craft.

The same actors appear over the twelve years of filming.

They age as nature intended.

The beauty of the film seems to be just that:

an unfolding of events – naturally intended.

Nothing elaborate, unbelievable, out of the ordinary –

scenes of life, which we all experience to some degree or another,

which pulls emotions of varying intensity.

The story centres  around a split family unit

Patricia Arquette plays the single mother

Ethan Hawke plays the returned ‘AWOL’ father

Lorelei Linklater plays the eldest child


Ellar Coltrane plays the boy of whose ordinary life

is subject of an extraordinary contribution to the art of cinema.



is now open in cinemas across the U.K. and internationally


A brief word on the film from writer/director Richard Linklater

and the star of the film, Ellar Coltrane