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With summer 2014 in full -swing

transport by bicycle

is in evidence everywhere-

on country lanes and city streets,

great for getting from here to there.

For some cycling is a seasonal fair-weather past time.

For many cycling has become the go-to means of daily transport:

environmentally friendly, cost efficient (no petrol costs),

easy to navigate through road traffic and enjoyable.

Yet cycle-fashion presents its own unique sartorial challenges:

how to look effortlessly chic, while pedaling around town:

to dress for ultimate comfort and ultimate style.

What to wear for a bike ride has been a query posed

since the invention of this two wheel transport wonder.

The construction of the bicycle, as we now it today,

was perfected by the late 1890s-

thanks to improvement in tire design and metallurgy.

For men, the bicycle was quickly embraced as a cost

effective means of transport for work and leisure;

 cycling- dress was relatively straightforward.

Long trousers were worn,

tucked to prevent entanglement in the wheel spokes, as well as

 the problem solving and smart – look,  knee length knickerbockers.

(image fron anywhen.com):

cycle fashion from anywhen.com Eng composer edward elgarElgar-with-bicycle-c-1900.

the composer, Edward Elger

cycle-fashion fabulous in long trousers, easily done

(image from commons wikimedia):

cycle fashion from commons.wikimedia knickerbociersPortrait_of_Johannes_Christian_Brunnich_with_a_bicycle

knickerbockers:  practical cycle-fashion

Given the restrictive nature of women’s clothing during the 19th century,

dressing for cycling presented its challenges for the ladies.

Yet, the pioneering forces of the feminist movement proclaimed

the bicycle as a symbol of emancipation:

a doing-away with the confining corset and bothersome bustle skirt –

for clothing of dress-ease and dress-practicality.

(image from heritage-explorer.co.uk):

cyclefashion from heritage-explorer.co.uk2696_450

sensible skirts for cycling

(image from change your life ride a bike):

cycle fashion from changeyourliferideabike208045_1883194595320_1105013116_32242899_42163_n

loose skirts for the ladies

knickerbocker trousers for the gents

In the opinion of Susan B. Anthony, noted American suffragette:

“the bicycle has done more for the emancipation of women

than anything else in the world.”  (c. 1896)

Today, cycle-fashion is as creative and varied as one’s imagination allows.

A few inspiring looks:

(image from free.fr):

cycle fashion from free.frbicicleta-moda-bike-fashion 4

pretty ballerina

(images from pinterest):

cycle fashion pinterestc94158432bd6636c87692cdc63f7b2c3


cycle fashion pinterest5dd218d82b8b6bb912a18d1162a76a47

it’s in the details: 

grey patterned statement headgear with red straps

coordinated red plaid skirt and mocha-hue trench

cycle fashion pinterestac58453ddfd0fb28ed00852bd761adc5

eclectic style setting:  equestrian hat, metallic mini, leather high tops

cycle fashion pinterest65eb17acb8e3de2a73dbcfb53ca5ddd7

a bit boho

(image from enzo club):

cycle fashion enzoclub.rumilano-man-riding-bicycle

fashionably accessorised ride: canvas / leather bike bag

(image from dailymail.co.uk):

cycle fashion dailymail.co.uk article-2473712-0AA0DEC3000005DC-875_634x495

on the move:  London City Boys

(image from a fashionable sport):

cycle fashion afashionsablesport in YAKKAY helmet Denmarkyakkay-pooch-658x438

a YAKKAY helmet (Danish design)

safety and style

(image from le 21eme.com):

cyclefashion le21eme.com5744-Le-21eme-Adam-Katz-Sinding-Catherina-Baba-Paris-Haute-Couture-Fashion-Week-Spring-Summer-2014_AKS0381

a touch of the Orient

cyclefashion le21eme.ocm4598-Le-21eme-Adam-Katz-Sinding-Catherina-Baba-Paris-Haute-Couture-Fashion-Week-Fall-Winter-2013-2014_AKS3288

stilettos?  mais oui bien sur!

(image from caramel a la mode):

cycle fashion from caramelalamode.comtumblr_inline_mo08ropYpP1qz4rgp

denim – wear:  shirt and backpack


(from free.fr)

cycle fashion from free.fr 7459690958_6d4ec44fdc_z

a bicycle built for three:  knickerbockers and argyle socks

Sartorial Inspiration

Cycle Fashion from the Tweed Run

(images from the dailymail.co.uk)

cycle fashion tweed run london 2014 daily mailarticle-2308626-19456FF7000005DC-595_634x453

the ladies in fine fashion form

Tweed Run, London 2014

cycle fashion tweed run 2014 dailymailarticle-2308626-1944C86C000005DC-647_634x407

all in the family

Tweed Run, London 2014

(image from velo city girl):

cycle fashion velo-city-girl14237766163_16f163f398_b

print / pattern mix

Tweed Run London, 2014

(image from japan trends):

cycle fashion japan trends.com 2013tweed-run-tokyo-2013-2

a flowing cape caught in the breeze

Tweed Run Tokyo, 2013

(image from the londonist):

cycle fashion londonist. 2013tweed3

arts blending:  music and fashion

Tweed Run, London 2013