Fashion-speak: dictionary entry, and the word is ‘ankle – tease’


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Fashion-speak is a living language,

ever evolving to better describe

dress images presented


And the word is

Ankle – tease

ankle – tease   (n. or adj. usage, depending on context)

1.  introduced by

2.  to denote/describe trousers with hems rolled, cropped, cuffed to expose a hint, or more, of bared ankle.

3.  reference to men’s trouser length

4.  ankle – tease style rule:  no socks


ankle – flash

ankle – graze

ankle – grazing

Ankle – tease trousers

Menswear,  Spring 2015

On the runway

(images by

by Ann Demuelemeester

dict ankle tease ann demeulemeester_ARC0349.450x675


by Sacai

dict ankle tease sacai_ARC0135.450x675
dict ankle tease sacai s15_ARC0186.450x675

by Junya Watanabe

dict ankle tease junya watanabe s15WAT_0480.450x675
dict ankle tease junya watanabeWAT_0490.450x675

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