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There has been a major crackdown on

player flamboyant fashion at Wimbledon.

Andrew Jarrett, tournament referee,

has outlined new dress rules for Wimbledon participants.

Referencing back to a time of classic white / simple outfits,

players must now wear ‘predominately all white’ attire

with only a 1cm trim of colour allowed at the hem/edge of garments.

In an concentrated effort to preserve an all white clothing canvas,

white as signature colour even applies to undergarments.

(No more colour bleed from jaunty undies.)

Traditionally, white has been the colour to herald in the

‘chillax’ days of warmth and sunshine.

 For summer 2014, white dominates as a go-to colour

on and off the Wimbledon green.

Wimbledon Whites  2014

(image from vogue.co.uk):

Defending men’s single champion

Andy Murray

wimbledon whitesandy-murray-wimbledon-vogue-23jun14-pa-b_592x888

(image from dailymail.co.uk):

British number 1

Heather Watson

wimbledon whites heather watson british 1 dailymmailarticle-2668502-1F152EF500000578-109_634x558

(images from telegraph.co.uk):

Mirjana Lucic-Baroni

wimbledonwhites coratia mirjana lucic-baroni wdon-23-lucic_2951735k

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

wimbledon whites jo wilfried tsongs francewdon-24-tsonga_2952785k

(image from yahoo.co):

Roger Federer

wimbledonwhites roger federer yahoo.com201406240941348863690-p5

(image from salon.com):

Serena Williams

wimbledonwhites serena williams salon.combritain-wimbledon-tennis.jpeg23-620x412

(image from telegraph.co.uk):

Denis Kudia

wimbleon whites denis kudia US telegraph co ukwdon-24-kudla_2952764k

(image from telegraph.co.uk):

Novak Djokovic

wimbledon white novak djokovic 2djokovicget_2954379b

The introduction of a firm ‘Wimbledon Whites’

player dress code is reactionary.

It’s an attempt to rein in

 the fashion flash of recent years

and codify expected player attire.

Yet, the OTT outifts of some players made for

an interesting fashion watch and

 games, which were a bit more … colourful.

Who can forget  …  ?

(images from comcast.com)

Dominik Harbarty

tennis outfits dominik hrbaty  comcast 2e10c3844f8785016a061b20367cb6b4

shoulder cut-outs:  a ‘cooling factor’

Vince Spadea

  tennis outfits vince spadea comcast8854988074dfe73ad17333cd37856c25

long haul trucker fashion

Roger Federer

tennis outfits roger federer 923c7060d683476159b992592b3724ad

red alert

Radek Stepanak

tennis outfits radek stepanek4e488f98fcce2d6639ce495a62ca7135

soccer ref -wear

  Ivo Minar

tennis outfits comcast ivo minar ca9cc58b97fdaa930e2e5c2ca45efeeb

underwear as outerwear?

Andy Roddick

tennis outfits andy roddickb559d29a10e2eefb940e1ecb5e68884e

a painterly affect

(image from azcentral):

Bethanie Maddox-Sands

… was one to watch

tennis outfits azcentral bethanie mattek-sands PHP4E223D6866779

under-eye body art

tennis outfits bethanie mattek dd5a5ab7f14a1ce3ae41aa3d9a72d09c

gold rush

(image from indiatimes.com):

tennis outfits indiatimesbethanie-mattek-getty_1330104843_640x640

a Pebbles Flintstone style reference?

(images from vogue):

tennis outfits vogue bethanie mattek bmsands_v_20jan11_pa_b_592x888

bands of colour

tennis outfits vogue bethanie mattek bmsands2_v_20jan11_pa_b_592x888

lace details

(image from vogue):

Anna Kournikova

tennis outfits vogue anna kournikova_v_20jan11_rex_b_592x888

“who wears short shorts?”

(image from comcast.com):

Maria Sharapova

… runway ready

tennis outfits comcast maria sharapova .090c5cb2247cd54ba235fdf262d0d8f2

an LBD for an afternoon of tennis play

(from indiatimes.com):

tennis outfits indiatimes australian open 2010 maria-sharapova-afp_1330104794_640x640

sea mermaid

The top scoring aces for wearing outfits,

which made it difficult to keep your eye on the ball

are the Williams sisters:   Venus and Serena.

They dared to fashion tread where others dared not.

(image from thonosject.host.sk):

Venus Williams

… on court fashion fearless

tennis outfits venuswilliam thonosject.host.sk soutfit

yellow lattice work and kaleidoscopic print

tennis outfits vogue vwilliams_v_20jan11_rex_b_592x888

… and flesh tone pants

(image from nydailynews):

tennis outfitsvenus-williams nydailynews-2010

a bit of sparkle

(image from buisinessinsider):

tennis outfitsvenus- businessinside.comrruns-out-an-mini-dress-2010

… and in pink – a repeat performance

(image from indiatimes.com):

tennis outfits indiatimesvenus_williams-afp_1330104951_640x640

boudoir black/red lace and bottom bared

(image from pixmule.com):

tennis outfits pixmule.com venus-williams-2013

‘the return’ of flower power

(image from sourceforge):

tennis outfits venus sourceforge.net05_Venus_Williams_display_image

tangy tangerine

(image from comcast.com):

Serena Williams

… high-stepping to her own fashion drum

tennis outifts comcast s.  williams696850b71166299fa737004fe9282ffd

denim mini-me

 tennis outfits serena williams australia 20136a00e54fc623c88833017d3fd2e0e8970c-400wi

purple passion and a band of orange

tennis outfits indiatimes serena-williams-afp_1330104906_640x640

a day at the beach

(image from nydailynews):

tennis outfits nydailynews serena-williams-2012

bright colour combo:  fuchsia and lime green

(image from poplistic.com):

tennis outfits poplistic.com usopen serena-williams-fashion

skirt suiting

(image from catwalkqueen.tv):


thumbs up / thumbs down:

tennis as a gladiatorial contest