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A  tailored suit, fitted to achieve an elegant silhouette,

is a measure of dress perfection.

Make sharp summer suiting a ‘go to’

signature look:

effortless, chic – with added personal touches

of style innovation.

Be inspired by a good thing:

Out and About

(photos by Tommy Ton):

  sharp suiting061614_Tommy_Ton_Menswear_Fashion_Week_Street_Style_slide_009

the hair, the clothes, the accessorises :  total sartorial package

sharp suiting061614_Tommy_Ton_Menswear_Fashion_Week_Street_Style_slide_025

sharp suiting061614_Tommy_Ton_Menswear_Fashion_Week_Street_Style_slide_042

on call

(note the black leather monk shoes)

sharp suiting061614_Tommy_Ton_Menswear_Fashion_Week_Street_Style_slide_029

working a style statement duo:

double breast jackets

cuffed trouser hems

sharp suiting061614_Tommy_Ton_Menswear_Fashion_Week_Street_Style_slide_005

sharp suiting061614_Tommy_Ton_Menswear_Fashion_Week_Street_Style_slide_037

midriff revealed

Spotlight On! :  sharp suit accessorizing

one pic / one thousand words

sharp suiting061614_Tommy_Ton_Menswear_Fashion_Week_Street_Style_slide_038

hats on/hats off; with socks/without socks

boutonniere in/boutonniere out

shoes:  monks, tie-ups, tassels, buckles

neckties?, waistcoats?

So many styling options … and that’s a good thing!

sharp short suiting061614_Tommy_Ton_Menswear_Fashion_Week_Street_Style_slide_043

short suiting sensation

(image from the colorstalker):

sharp suiting the colorstalker yellowanonymous811

canary brights:  a pair sighting

(images from nssmagazine):

sharp nss mag suiting img_8782-20140620132809

ready for action

sharp nss mag suiting img_9104-20140620502709

suit:  double breast purple pinstripes with silver buttons

tie:  silver with diagonal grey stripes

shirt:  light wash denim

sharp nss mag suiting img_9289-20140620522709

a trio of colourful suiting

sharp nss mag suiting img_8889-20140620042809

stripes both large and small

sharp nassmag suitingimg_6988-20140618421510

plaid planned to perfection

sharp nssmag suiting img_7344-20140618291510

stand out from the grey/ black suits

in bright white and

tan with a salmon coloured straw trilby

sharp nss mag suiting img_9301-20140620502709

it’s all about the small details: 

matching tie and pocket handkerchief

On the runway


(images from style.com):

by Andrea Pompilio

spring  2015

sharp suiting andrea pompilio s15AA2X0339.450x675 sharp suiting andrea pompilio s15AA2X0782.450x675

suits and slides

by Costume National

spring  2015

sharp suiting costume national s15_ARC0431.450x675

baby boy blue

by Matthew Miller

spring  2015

sharp suiting matthew miller s15KIM_8932.450x675

conservative / casual mix

pinstripes, sneaker slip-ons and lei florals

by Veronique Branquinho

resort   2015

sharpsuitng rst 15Veronique_Branquinho_044_1366.450x675 sharpsuiting stylecomVeronique_Branquinho_017_1366.450x675

classic patterns

by Versace

spring  2015

sharpsuiting versace s 15VER_0063.450x675

totally in the pink of it